Barkwood Grog

A mixture of Barkwood Sap and water, boiled and reduced. This drink has an effect similar to alcohol and is used recreationally.   Barkwood Grog quickly came under high demand after it was first discovered. While Barkwood Sap is not a common find for the average person on Korth, an experienced Forager who has experience hunting for Barkwood Mushrooms may be able to source a fairly stead supply of Barkwood Sap. A little bit of this sap can go a long way. The equivalent of 4 oz of this sap, can be mixed and boiled into water. Giving a gallon of the final product, similar effects to a 20% alcohol. The flavor of Barkwood Grog could be described to you as a diluted root beer. Although for those on Korth this is quite a new taste.    Barkwood Grog and Barkwood Sap became a staple trade item after it's discovery. Word spread quickly, and everyone wanted to try it. Once trying it, most wanted more.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The science of what makes up Barkwood Sap is unknown. The sap itself is excreted by Barkwood Mushrooms once they grow to maturity. The sap itself is slightly sticky, with the consistency similar to honey, although it flows much easier. Barkwood Sap is the key ingredient in this drink. By itself, this sap is an extremely potent sedative.


Barkwood Grog held a pretty large impact on Korth. This was one of the first widely used recreational "drugs" or drinks. Many communities would offer this upon special occasion for it's members. Many members spending their own wages on securing their own supply for personal consumption.
This became quite common after it's discovery. Quickly becoming a high demand trade item.


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