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River of Rime

The River of Rime, most of the time only referred to as "Cold Embrace" or "River of the Frost Queen" is a mythological place, said to run through the cold mountains, hills and green plains of the Frost Queens domain.   In his middle, at the deepest part, the palace of the Frost Queen stands, protected by the cold water, strong currents and eight Frost Giants, watching every direction of the compass rose.   The palace itself has no name, but it is a large structure made of unmelting ice, black and white marble and some bits onyx and emeralds. But let us not dwell on the palace, lets have a look at the river.    

The River of Rime

  The River of Rime has its name from the ice floes in form of frostflowers, blooming on cold metal or glass. Its shores are covered in blue and green flowers, only disturbed by dead trees without leaves in the cold and everlasting winds.   The river itself is more than threehundred meters deep at its deepest spot (which is the palace again), more than twelvethousand kilometers long and up to sixty kilometers wide. Some passages are underground or covered in ice, sometimes wrapped in caves of stone and ice. There are a some sorts of fish and plants in these waters, but they are not edible. Or at least not edible for humans.   Its purpose, brimming with deadly cold and not melting ice, is to transport the souls of drowned women to the Lands Beyond and to the Frost Queen. The river will offer them to the Queen, so she can choose new maidens for the palace or - in case of the Frost Maidens who drown on purpose - ressurrect them and give them her powers. The women will relive their lifes while being transported to the Lands Beyond, where they live an afterlife depending on their honor, deeds and actions throughout their lifes. The River of Rime will end in the Great Delta, located in the Lands Beyond.   The Lands Beyond are located between the now gaping arms of the River of Rime. The deadly cold waters are forming a more or less natural border, cutting off the the various landmasses dedicated to the afterlife. The souls of the women are washed upon the shores depending on their lifestory, given back a body as they were in life. Now they have to live an afterlife they deserve. Cold flames, hot flames, fields of flowers, walking over knives, being tortured or just reliving their bad deeds. Others find joy in the afterlife, are bedded on silk sheets, are drinking mead and wine and eating the best food the river has to offer.   The only things missing are a family and men, but neither will exist in the Lands Beyond. But the women will not long for them, for they are in the service of the Frost Queen.   For all eternity.  
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Yes, it is a real place in the Frost Queens domain. But don't tell the Cold Maiden, the Frost Maidens won't do it as well.

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12 May, 2022 10:05

Good for them. Except for the people that get tortured in their afterlife, my sympathies for them.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
16 May, 2022 10:22

They need your symphaties. ;) But I have no clue if an eternity in the service of the Frost Queen would be desirable.

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Sage RandoScorpio
13 May, 2022 16:47

I've been looking forward to this one! It's a cool concept, icy cool. I don't know if I'd want to drown in this river, eternal snow and cold doesn't sound appealing.

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Marsin Morrow
Character | Sep 12, 2023
16 May, 2022 10:21

It is not really appealing, to be honest. I have to think about the afterlife for men, but it might be similar to this. But you can look forward to the whole Frost Maiden thing as for I will built the ethnicity, religion, belief, titles and stuff in the near future. :D Glad you like it.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
19 May, 2022 07:48

Eternity will be long...   Nice article :D

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19 May, 2022 14:47

Pretty interesting idea. Would not want to end up at the bad side for eternity :p

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22 May, 2022 16:42

Heard a lot about this on your stream before, but it's also nice to have a read as a refresher. I always find 'netherworlds' or 'afterlives' that are a reality very interesting. I wonder if technology ever gets so far in your world that the river can be actually crossed from 'this side'...

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25 May, 2022 13:21

In theory they could traverse to the realm of the Frost Queen. With enough magic (up to six strong magic users, say the Garlagans), a certain ritual and some conductors they might. But I really doubt that they could survive the icy cold of this frozen afterlife.

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26 May, 2022 20:23

It's always so fascinating to have a river transporting souls to the afterlife -- I love the frost/ice take on this, it's very interesting!