Frost Queen


The Frost Queen is the first drowned woman right after the Creation of the World. She was alone while she was living, had no kids and her husband was a brutal murderer who drank too much and used his hands more than enough on her. So she wandered out into the freezing night, nothing on her body except her nightgown. No shoes, no coat. So she found that frozen lake and without a thought she stepped onto its frozen surface, wandered into the middle of it while the skin on her feet ripped and started to bleed. In the middle of the lake the surface gave away and fulfilled her wish. She froze to death before she could even drown and woke up alone in the freezing realm that would become her realm and she was becoming the Frost Queen.

Creation of the Realm

As she woke up in the freezing hellscape that ought to be her own domain she discovered the ice and the wind couldn't harm her. Her feet had stopped bleeding, but remained scarred. The land was clutched in the grasp of a neverending freezing wind, snow covered hills and mountains and there was a giant river cutting with its ice-cold currents through the lands, the River of Rime. The name whispered in her head and she knew that the River belongs to her.
But what was her name again? She didn't remembered, but she remembered her suffering and her husband and decided that this realm was for women only.
"So shall it be." whispered the Frost Queen as she saw the ice-blue waters of the River of Rime and decided this realm was for the peace of every woman or their endless torment, depending on how they lived their lifes. She saw the place where her palace should stand and where the women would live their afterlife and knew that it had to be done this way.
But as she travelled through her realm she found the ice giants which was not friendly in any way. The battle was hard and long, but she managed to channel her newborn powers and get a truce out of the giants. Eight of them now stand guard in every direction of the compass rose around her soon-to-be-build palace.
With her powers she could control ice, water and wind. She saw the first drowned women floating on ice floes, waiting for her jugement even when there was no palace. Yet.
"I need loyal servants. To serve me, the realm and my palace. If you are willing to take an eternity in my service, that is."
"Yes, my queen."
"So is that your answer?"
"Yes, it is, my queen. If I can't see my family, I will serve you with everything I have."
"So be it."
With the first three women in her service and the eight frost giants she built her palace, right in the spot where the River of Rime was at its deepest. With every new servant the palace got bigger, taller and deeper and it is still growing.
As one of the few exceptions of the rule that gods are dreamed or believed into reality the Frost Queen was a mortal once. Nobody, not even the Caretaker, knows why the Frost Queen was assigned this role.
"If you are ever tired of your duty as the ruler of your realm, you have a suite here as well as all other gods. Take your time, we will take care of your needs. You may bring your servants with you which is count up to a maximum of three. You may stay as long as you wish for.
Please do refrain from appearing out of thin air and please appear on our landing pads, a map is included in this writing. Every question you may have will be answered.
With kind regards
The Caretaker
— Letter from the Caretaker to the Frost Queen
After recieving this letter this was the first time the Frost Queen cried of joy and heartbreak. The second time she cried of this reason was as she had her marriage with the entitiy later called the Ember King.


The Frost Queen is in love with the Ember King, which appeared to be the same entitity as she, only for men. Which was very convenient because she felt pity for the dying men, even when her torture by her husband still appeared before her eyes a it was yesterday. She had thought about this topic and was kind of relieved as she learned about his story.
Both gods met at the first Winter Solstice, celebrated by the people of the Northern Realms. It was this event that showed her not only her longing for a mate - who doesn't love to cuddle?! - but also that the northern folks had established a believe system which also tied her and the Ember King to another and to their believe. After asking the Caretaker and the Eternals they now had a purpose.
But that doesn't withhold them to get into their relationship. They talked for the entire festivities, ignoring most of the northern folk. The Frost Queen learned that he was a fierce warrior and a kind man in life and he was no different in the afterlife. After the third Winter Solstice - they did it regulary because the solstice had the longest nights of the year - they had their night together and that was the second and last time the Frost Queen wept as they fell in love with each other.


Despite being rendered as cruel and cold in the believes of the northern folks, the Frost Queen is a loving person. She may appear cold and sometimes arrogant before her new servants, but after a few months of serving they see her as she is: one of her own, the first of the dead women and caring for them. Except for those that lived a life without honour which are now bound to their deserved afterlife, be it with mead and sweet food or burning knifes on the ground with no possibility to rest their weary bodies.
Show spoiler
The Frost Queen is addicted to hot chocolate since one of the dead women brought it with her. Now at every Winter Solstice the northern folks have a large kettle with bubbling hot chocolate ready just for her as a sacrifice.

Free time & hobbies

In her free time when she is not sitting on her throne or deciding over the souls of women on their ice floes she sews dresses and smiths weapons, only worn by those she deems worthy (mostly Frost Maiden, but who is counting?) or her servants. And sometimes she reads the scrolls and tomes some of the women bring with them, but those are rare occasions.


Ember King


Towards Frost Queen


Frost Queen


Towards Ember King


Ember King (husband)

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Oooh, I love this idea so much. Specifically, I got a thrill of delight when I got to the part where she decided the place was for women only. It really showed her compassion, which is such an unusual trait to be associated with snow and ice, you know?

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Thanks for reading and liking. Yeah, I thought she as the first dead woman could care for her sisters and she is building a realm every woman adores and feares at the same time. Glad you liked it. :)

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There are many stories to be found in this land, the Frost Queen being one that stuck with me. What a cruel beginning- first drowned woman due to an abusive relationship- and a strange, but cool, charge she found herself with. It sounds like she had no trouble making it her own. And by her own I mean she is has created a realm for her and other women only. Apparently no one knows why she was assigned the role after starting as a mere mortal. Wish I could answer such questions too, but seems like it is not my place to even try for this one. If the charge is making the world a better place via providing a safe haven then it must be for good. - Nemo, World Traveler