Excerpt from 'The Appendices of Time' by 'Elo' the Historian

Over two thousand years ago, Humans fell from the sky in a great metal city they called ‘The Eden Star.’ They were immediately overwhelmed in their new environment and had come unprepared for what they found here.  

At first, they were confident, almost arrogant, as they relied on their technologies to sustain them. It soon became clear to them however, that their technology alone was not enough as the natives simply outnumbered them by a vast amount.
After three hundred years of being beaten down by their neighboring races, the Human's technology began to fail them as the power source they called 'Aether,' which they needed to maintain their devices, dwindled to a fraction of what they needed. Additionally, in those first three hundred years ("Humans" have an incredibly short life and attention span) many of them began to lose the knowledge of how to create or even maintain their own technological wonders as they were more interested in simply becoming acclimated to their new world for the sheer sake of survival. They were going to become extinct, and they knew it, unless they somehow made allies and traded in the only commodity they had to offer – what little remaining technology they had left.
For the next several hundred years they bartered their remaining knowledge in exchange for survival and peace, eventually eking their way back from the edge of oblivion to becoming a formidable race all to their own in the world of Koraiya.
Our world has been changed forever now, as ‘technology’ has wormed its way into many parts of our vast societies. Some resist, others willingly adopt it, seeking ways to make the devices work without this mysterious 'Aether.' Yet, others still have even changed and warped it to meet their own needs. Many are angered at the Humans for what they have done to Koraiya, either intentionally or out of the simple need to survive. Or rather, what we have allowed them to do.
Regardless, it is now too late to reel the circle of time back to what it once was, as this is the world of Koraiya today, changed forever, be it for the better or to our downfall.
May the Maker help us all.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Very intelligent, although they tend to think of themselves as more intelligent than they really are.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

They believe they were once a technologically superior race. However, they have become humbled as they are forced to rely on sword and steal as we all do in our world.

"Ever since the humans came to Koraiya, our world has never been the same. Some say we are scarred, some say blessed. I fear both may be true..."   High Minister, Her Lady Oria of the Elven Council, on debating proposed allegiance with humans.  
60 Years
Average Height
Males average 6 feet whereas Females range from 5 feet to 5 feet and 10 inches.
Average Weight
Anywhere between 100 to 300 pounds and even more in extreme cases.


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