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Alturiak 7, 6019

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The year is 6019 on Koleth, an old world that's changing quickly. Here in the Free Cities of Hesperia (formerly the Hesperean Empire), the echoes of a traumatic civil war are only just dying down after 99 years. Still, humanity is thriving, having rushed headlong into an industrial revolution. This development has not been received universal approval from humankind's allies.   Although Hesperia has long been considered a human realm, its great city-states have become much more diverse in the past century. This is especially true on the coasts and near the mountains and forests.   The development of gadgetry has made more than the elves and dwarves nervous. It has also shifted the balance of power within the free cities. The College Arcanum was once the loudest voice in the Free Cities, but now the Tinkers' Union rivals their influence.   Even as the human powers vie for dominance, there is much unknown and unexplored in these lands. Adventure awaits!