Woven Gold Cloth

Dont ask me how they did it. The Storm Giants all died out or went crazy over 2 millennia ago. Do I look like a keeper of ancient secrets to you?
— Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens
  For all those that study magic, or even just those that make a living exploring lost cities and ancient ruins, a discovery of woven gold is enough to set you up for life. The beauty alone makes it valuable, but it is by far the least amazing of its properties.   First off, many a dwarf metallurgist has declared, beyond a doubt, that the cloth material is in fact gold. The fact that the cloth is of a wearable weight would be truly astounding, if not for the extreme thinness of the material. Indeed, royal toddlers have been clothed in the material and have no issues getting around. Despite this thinness, woven gold has a strength and durability that one would expect from the finest silks.   Unlike silks however the material does not take flame. While it will melt, it is widely considered to be fire proof. This is one of the many properties that makes it so highly desired by spell casters. Many a wizard has been saved over the years from a premature detonation of their fireballs, or other flammable spells or alchemical experiments. Another property prized by battle mages most of all, is the fact that the cloth acts as a capacitor, rather than a conductor of electricity. Lightning bolts do not pass around or through, but rather are absorbed into the cloth, storing the energy and, if the proper runes are woven in, allowing the perosn wearing it to use that energy to power their own attacks or spells.   That said, it is most prized because the method of making it has been lost. Dwarven craftsman can duplicate the runes on plate armor, but that has none of the flexibility and almost 500 times as much, to say nothing of the heat of wearing it. Ghostspider silk offers some of the lightweight protection, but is flammable and cannot absorb magic. Other material also may possess one or two of the properties of Woven gold, but to duplicate it all is a feat not matched since the fall of the Storm Giants.


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