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The Graceful Blossom Trading Company

Now let me be clear, as a member of the Bronze Ravens, you can take almost any contract that comes your way, but I would strongly encourage you to NOT take any contract from the Graceful Blossom Trading Company, their casualty rates are unusually..... consistent.
— Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens
    While best known as one of the worlds oldest and most reliable trading companies, the Graceful Blossom Trading company has its darker side. Like most of the larger trading companies it is a front for a vampire cabal. Namely the Clan of Flowering Fangs. (their fangs flower open inside a bite promoting more blood flow and almost always ensuring feedings are lethal, but that is another story).   Their main claim is the near monopoly they have on trade in the Myrdhor Desert, which should come as no surprise to anyone who has been there. After all, being an undead blood-sucker certainly does confer certain advantages when crossing a deadly desert full of things that also want to kill you for your blood. Well, usually anyway. It also offers them access to some more, unique punishments for member who act out.   They are also one of the only groups with maps to the City of Sleeping Skulls, well, allegedly. Not that anyone would want to go there, or that it even exists. But if it DID exist they have a map to it.

Public Agenda

We stake our reputation on the delivery of your goods, whether by land or sea we will make sure that you delivery arrives as rapidly and safely as possible. You have our word.
— Graceful Blossom Trading Company representative speaking with a client


Needless to say, we have numerous guards in our employ. We also employ expert sailing crews on some of the best ships money can buy. Manual labor is of course available to help with the loading or unloading of your goods. Should you wish or need to accompany your goods on their journey, most of our teams can provide accommodations, but please keep in mind that traveling the world is quite dangerous, and we cannot be held responsible for injuries non-employees incur as a result of unexpected circumstances.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Clan of Flowering Fangs
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Aug 9, 2022 16:26

I am so intrigued and I honestly want to see how a TTRPG party or characters in a story would interact with members of the Graceful Blossom Trading Company or the jobs they would receive in the process. I don't know if it is just me though, but I feel like I am missing some of what connects the trading company to a natural phenomenon. I do understand the idea of them having an advantage in a killer desert, but I am not sure if that connects them to it. Otherwise, I love it.

Aug 9, 2022 17:36

Thank you for the read!   They, (and basically every other trading company in my world) are... interesting. Basically it is important to maintain good public relations so they can keep doing business, because their business lets them take people as prey, but never to many from one place. So depending on where the interaction occurs, and why, it could be a very different interaction for players. As to the connection, *checks notes*   *checks other related articles frantically*   *checks notes again*   I seem to have left off a very large, very important part of the City of Sleeping Skulls on accident. The portion of the desert it is in is actively trying to bury the city, while the city is trying to not be buried (because magic) as a result the entrances move about, and the only reliable maps are those that have been enchanted by The Graceful Blossom's (said maps are living tattoo's which eventually kill the person who has them, good thralls are turned into vampires before this happens, but once they "turn" the map stops updating.)   The maps are important because certain Vampire rituals can only be carried out in the City, which I also completely forgot to mention in my mad rush to get diamond.

Updated soon.
Aug 12, 2022 13:59

Well, I am glad that I asked. That is really interesting! That adds an intriguing element to possible stories and plotlines :D.