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The First Hunt's Bounty

Describe a tradition of gift-giving in your world — #WorldEmberGift   Finally, finally, Lyndon had completed his hunt. He was going to be the first halfling fully inducted into the ranks of the Rangers of Silmere in nealy 4 centuries. He reached forward to scratch his mount in the spot behind her right ear that Slyph liked. Others may have made fun of him initially for choosing one of the shaggy dogs as a mount, but he had always had an understandign with dogs, and once he figured out the saddle it was really quite ideal for a halfling. Not to mention he didn't have to worry about her turning a hood or losing a horseshoe out in the wild.   Now he turned to the task at hand. While it was not unheard of for a ranger to take down a flash goat he had to determine what he would do with it. The meat would be harvested and stored in his ensorceled leather wrappings, of course, to be brought back for a feast. No he had to decide what to do with everything else, and who to gift what to.   The hooves and horns he would leave to those back home who were better suited to working with the magical material. Perhaps grumbly old Master Hardhelm could finally make that mace, and 4 more flameless lights for the mines would never go amiss. The back sinew would obviously be made into bowstrings, 3 full length ones for those who had taught him to shoot and 2 shorter ones for his bow and crossbow. One of the thigh-bones he would use to carve the tale of his training and hunt. The other he would carve into an image of the goats likeness and gift to the temple, as thanks for its bounty.   Lastly, the hide he would stretch and tan. They would likely not miss the smaller forelegs, which he would make into bracers for himself. The back legs would make fine bracers for old Ironwood, who had taught him the tricks of close combat. The rest would be used to make a new saddle for Slyph, custom fitted and more comftorable than the one he had cobbled together from old pony saddles. After all, it was her tracking that had allowed him to even find this bounty, she would get her fair share of the reward.


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