Summer Camp Pledge 2022

It is now upon us again. SUMMER CAMP!   So I am sadly busier this year than last year, but i still think that SILVER is more than sufficient as far as attainable goals go.   So, what weird, fun, interesting or chaotic things are in store for Kohtalo this year?   Well, one of my players, (who shall remain unnamed) happened to watch the WA stream where I talked about making one shots, and said "Thats cool you should make a campaign." and proceeded to let my other players know about it. So, yea, player pressure is a thing, but i have a concrete goal for this campaign (if no hard commitments yet) in that I am trying to run it for the ExtraLife Game day in November. With that in mind, here we go with the pledge:   Creative Goal and Motivation: -create a 6-8 session campaign that can be run on Extra Life Game day in November. Partly for my players, and if we are gonna have fun, helping out a charity makes it that much better.   For the challenge, as I already said, SILVER IS SUFFICIENT. IT is challenging enough to be rewarding, but leaves me room for work, life, GACUCON!!!! and other things. Like waffles, or video games.     Homework week 2 (he types definitely not on the final homework Sunday stream of June)   Well, i guess before discussing themes i should probably rehash on what the campaign is actually about. So, basically, we combined some stuff from stream and ended up with your party is a group of adventurers working for a guild that has been hired to retrieve an item that has been stolen from a local lord (who is secretly actually a dragon, but that is important later.) The item is a dragon egg. It was stolen by people linked with a vampire cabal, so that the vampires can hopefully hatch it and create a vampire dragon (this is now a thing, so we will make a stat block for it at some point) because the vampires (associated with Cysgodol ) are in an interplanar war with the Fae based on some history that I have sort of hashed out in my head but have written very little on. The general outcomes based on how successful (or not) the party is in pursuing the thieves are
  • They catch the thief before the egg is handed off to the vampires, and return it successfully, receiving a boon from their patron, and a threat from the vampire cabal
  • They catch the vampire's prior to the ritual to turn the unborn dragon into a vampire, they receive a boon from the revealed Dragon patron, the vampire cabal lets them know they are Persona non grata in certain lands or establishments.
  • They Catch the vampires during the ritual, if successful in interrupting early on they can save the unborn dragon, if the ritual is interrupted to late the dragon will die. While their patron is distraught, a reward is given from the Fae allied with the dragon.
  • -They are too late, the dragon is born transformed, a living vampire bound to the realm of shadow. While the local vampire leader is dead what effects this will have on the world are sure to be far reaching and terrible.   wait, what was the homework again....     I think i did it, but yea, its an extended chase scene campaign for mid level players. We will be exploring various parts of my world, and possible some of both the Fae plane and Cysgodol. There is a ticking clock. Everyone likes a ticking clock. Tick....Tock....Tick.....Tock Boy do I need some caffeine.   Oh, ,we will also explore more of everyone's favorite desert. Myrdhor Desert is returning, home of everyones favorite cactus (Harpoon Cactus . Region map coming, maybe. Probably not, unless people blackmail me.     Homework Week 3   So no images, yet, but inspiration. The worlds deserts, The Sahara, The Mohave, The Mongolian Steppes, The Australian Outback. Also the Australian stereotype that everything in a region wants to kill you. Some of this will come from my own past travels and the NatGeo Guide to national parks that I mentioned.   We also will be rounding out Outh Mead as it will play some part, and who doesnt like to hear about magical booze and the dwarves who made it. So Beekeeping and Apiaries are another area of research.   And of course, Good chase/ catch me books and movies are always an inspiration. Lord of the Rings, The Sword of Shannara, the new one with the Rock and Ryan Renolds. Sprinkle in a dash of Gangster movies, like The Departed, Gangs of New York, and The Godfather for how the thieves guild/vampire cabal are run.   And no inspiration list would be complete without mentioning the works of Frank Herbert and Sir Terry Pratchett. If you havent read they, give them a try.   Week 4:   As I have said, i am really only super active on discord or WA, depending on the month. but the SC Discord channel is awesome and I'm sure will help me get through. As for when I will be writing, I guess it will be mostly weekends, we will see what happens as I think GACUCON (many excite, much hype) will take some time away.     and now, The Prompts and Articles  
    1. An ocean, desert, plain, pocket dimension, or other large expanse
      Thunder Dunes
      Geographic Location | Jul 23, 2022
    2. Α religion or organization connected to a natural phenomenon
      The Graceful Blossom Trading Company
      Organization | Jul 22, 2022
    3. Α species that survives in an unlikely place
      Origami Butterfly
      Species | Jul 20, 2022
    4. Α vehicle or type of vehicle used for long journeys
    5. Α settlement beside or in a great expanse
      Walking Stones
      Settlement | Jul 25, 2022
    6. Α material only harvestable from nature
      Raudan Lehtiä, Leaves of Iron
      Material | Jul 25, 2022
    7. Α culture who lives by, near or within an ocean, desert or other expanse
      The Ghostwalker Dwarves
      Ethnicity | Jul 24, 2022
    8. Α food that marks a rite of passage for a culture in your world
      The Walk Among Ghosts
      Tradition / Ritual | Jul 26, 2022
    9. A settlement that leads the known world in something
      Settlement | Jul 31, 2022
    10. A military conflict resolved through excellent leadership
      The Fall of the Undefeted Cavalry
      Military Conflict | Jul 31, 2022
    11. A building associated with governance, leadership or change
      Wizard's Tower
      Building / Landmark | Jul 30, 2022
    12. An organization associated with governance, leadership or change
      Society of Wizards and Other Related Demographics
      Organization | Jul 30, 2022
    13. A profession associated with leaders in your world
      Profession | Jul 30, 2022
    14. A title that commands respect from those in the know
      Rank/Title | Jul 22, 2022
    15. A great leader of their people
      Boblin the goblin
      Character | Jul 30, 2022
    16. A tradition or ceremony which confers an honor on someone
      The Dragon's Rebirth
      Tradition / Ritual | Jul 31, 2022
    17. A settlement that was lost or discovered.
      City of Sleeping Skulls
      Settlement | Jul 20, 2022
    18. An astonishing natural wonder.
      World Trees
      Geographic Location | Jul 25, 2022
    19. A recently discovered, or rediscovered, species.
      Crimson Knight
      Species | Jul 23, 2022
    20. A lost or discovered artifact of significance or power.
      Item | Jul 31, 2022
    21. A technology lost, forgotten or shrouded in mystery.
      Woven Gold Cloth
      Technology / Science | Jul 31, 2022
    22. A lost or discovered monument.
      The Throne of Broken Kings.
      Building / Landmark | Jul 31, 2022
    23. An explorer, researcher or other character motivated by discovery.
      Character | Jul 31, 2022
    24. A travel log or other document associated with discovery.
      The Journal of Nornas Quiwen
      Document | Jul 31, 2022
    25. A species considered monstrous by some
      Myrdhor Jackalope
      Species | Jul 31, 2022
    26. A myth or urban legend about a "monster"
      The Dreaded Gobblin' Grabber
      Myth | Jul 30, 2022
    27. A tradition which keeps monsters or bad luck away
      Common Courtesies of the Full Moons to Ensure One Does Not Anger the Fae.
      Tradition / Ritual | Jul 30, 2022
    28. A condition considered monstrous or "unlucky" by some
      Condition | Jul 31, 2022
    29. An organization considered cruel or monstrous by some
      Council of Cabals
      Organization | Jul 31, 2022
    30. A person considered villainous or monstrous
      Ishmael Tenebris
      Character | Jul 30, 2022
    31. An artifact that embodies a hideous or monstrous idea
      The whispering axe
      Item | Jul 24, 2022


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