For the love of the GODS, do whatever you need to to keep that fishing rod happy. You may not know what you hold, but I do, so please, just for once listen to me.
— Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens.
  Oh, so you have heard of Woosh. Well, then surely you also know of his bother... no? Well, I guess that isn't as surprising. After all, who notices a simple staff when the demigod of storms is before you. Puddles is.... different than most immortals that oyu will meet. Actually, meet may be the wrong word, encounter is more accurate.¬†   You see, contrary to popular belief, there is not one demigod of storms, but two. For it takes both wind and precipitation to make a storm. And what happens to precipitation, why eventually it ends up in puddles on the ground. Indeed, all it need do is fall, which may explain much about the form that Puddles takes most of the time.¬†   That form, of course, being a staff, carved as a crocodile, with a place to attach a fishing line. Standing at around 6 feet tall, the staff, of course, is usually inanimate. Standing at head-height on his current "wielder," Puddles is usually just a staff/fishing pole. As a matter of fact, his lack of activity makes it almost impossible for other gods and demigods to find him (the exception being Whoosh, who can locate him almost unerringly.   There are certain benefits to possessing a demigod as you walking staff or fishing rod, of course. The ability to always catch fish, of course is the obvious one. Unnatural luck tends to follow those that find Puddles in their care. Of course, those that do find themselves in possession of the staff also have a slight burden to bear, although it is one that is easy to do. Puddles is attracked to shy storytellers.   Those that talk to themselves, those that dance alone to the music of the rain, anyone who sings like no one is listening, Puddles is gravitated to them. He looks out for them, ensuring that though they may be alone, they are not unheard. This may also be one of many reasons that it is advised to respect eccentrics instead of persecuting them. They could be a Fae, they could be a loner that is being watched over by a demigod.   After all, those familiar with the mythology and lore around Puddles know what it is to incur his wrath. Entire fleets wrecked at sea, armies and villages washed from existence in mud slides, Thousand-foot long lightning crocodile wreaking havoc across an army thought unstoppable, a leveled mountain range, dry lightning starting a forest fire, all these and more can be reliably attributed to Puddles when angered.   So its best to keep that Staff or fishing rod you found or purchased happy. Talk to it, thank it, tell it jokes, sing to it and dance with it. Because you just don't know, it may be Puddles, taking a break from his responsibilities, or it could just be a blessing he left behind, a thanks for the diversion. After all, eternity is a long time, and there is always so much work to do.


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