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Frejya Stormsong

Describe an important historian in your world, and how they changed the perception of the past?  
Frejya... if you wish to hear music like no other in the world, if you wish to cheer for battles won and weep for cities lost before the oldest elf's grandfather first walked in a forest, go to Hell's Half-Acre  and listen to Frejya play for a night.
— Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens
  Funny, how things seem to change over the years. While I know I am not the last of my kind as far as many things are concerned I may as well be. I am the only one who still tells the old stories. I am the last to tell the world of the triumphs and tragedy that was the lives of Britta and Sven. I am that last to sing of the Conclave of Dragons. The Folly of Aranak, without me, would have faded into myth long since forgotten.   Now, like Waves-Against-the-Hull, to whom I owe so much I try to spread the true word of history where I can, although rare it is now for me to leave the Half-Acre. I can spin you, not the legend of Maze Walker, although I tell those stories often enough, but of the person he is. And the person he was, for even in the days of our empire he was a legend. While many stood up to the Old Gods and lived, most cannot claim to have thrived as he has.    Not that he hasn't stumbled a time or three as the millennia have passed. Some I can tell, but others are not mine to share, for even legends have needs of privacy. 


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