Caroline's Catalog of Curious Conditions: The Punch of Prophesy

No, you misquoted me, I never said the gift of prophesy was like a getting punched, I said to be gifted a useless bit of prophesy is to get punched in the face
— Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens
  Perhaps the most widespread and well known of the conditions that I have studied, The Punch of Prophesy has been documented at some point or another in every inhabited corner of the world (yes, even that one..... yes there also... and there). It has the same symptoms and the same perplexing results everywhere. Due to its nature and my own, however, I have never been able to observe it first hand, relying on secondhand accounts and the occasional shared memory to document my findings, but it breaks down as follows  
  • The patient cries out in pain, centralized somewhere on their face, and a bruise or bruises start to form as if they have been beaten.
  • occasionally falling to the ground
  • occasionally accompanied by a bloody nose or split lip
  • after a number of phantom blows ranging from 1 to 7, the patient experiences a severe migrane
  • loss of spatial awareness accompanies this
  • this is seperate from the pain of their at this point bruised and swollen face
  • They experience lifelike hallucinations, ranging in length from 5 to 30 minutes.
  • A magical compulsion to write down what they saw.
  • This is the most frustrating part of this, and how we know that some divine humor must play into it, as the writing is perfectly understandable but written in a language whose translation is most remote from the seer. Hense why I never get to see it happen.
  • If you should be around when this happens pleas be a dear and fetch the afflicted a writing utencil and some parchment, I have seen enough prophecy scrawled in blood on asylum walls and cobblestones to last several lifetimes.
  • The afflicted permanently loses the ability to perceive the color green. No one quite knows why, I maintain it is the humor of the gods.
  •   Now to be clear, the written prophesy is both understandable, proven acurate, and surprisingly well worded. Its just not able to be read, usually by anone within several hundreds of miles.   This has also led to some rather unfortunate incidents as occasionally a prophesy does get written in Babble or Gibberish, and that can have rather dire consequences. I do still wish that I could observe this at least once first-hand, but I hesitate to try to hard to achieve this as I dont know if the would could handle writing in a language I cannot comprehend.


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