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Lephyria Mythraxis

Dame Lephyria Mythraxis (a.k.a. Mistress of Life)

"Lephyria was the best enemy I've ever had in my bedchamber. Never mind the rash."   ~Suc'mor the Griefless

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lephyria looks like a sufferer of sortilago; pale skin, blue veins, livid blue scar on her chest where the disease marked her. She suffers none of the ill effects, however, as the disease is meant to empower her with every infection.

Special abilities

Lephyria is a master of diseases, and is present in every infection of Sortilago

Apparel & Accessories

Lephyria's robes look thin and ancient, but they are actually constructed and enchanted in such a way as to be an effective armor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lephyria began her life as the scion of a noble house serving a human king on the continent of Shelor. Her father intended her to be raised with all of the courtly arts, but she found more pleasure in witchcraft and medicine than she ever did in a curtsey or a dance. At the age of 13, she was officially sold into marriage to a neighboring king under the suzerainty of the same dragon in order to secure an alliance. She took her belongings with her, including her grimoires and her laboratory.   It was one week after her arrival, on the very night of her wedding, that her husband the king fell ill. When he died, there was a succession crisis owing to the fact that the marriage had not been consummated. Her challengers were all rounded up and executed by a strangely compliant guard force. When her rule was unquestioned, she began to focus on her studies. The next ten years were a period of growth and progress for her, and one of unmitigated horror and tragedy for her subjects.    She experimented on them without mercy. She would send embassies to other kingdoms that were suffering from plagues so that she could vivisect them when they returned and observe the effects of the disease firsthand. She had a standing order to bring any terminally ill patient to her workshops. People were taken from the streets. Her guard force was so efficient at rounding up criminals to serve as specimens that they ran out of criminals and new laws had to be invented for people to break. In the leanest years towards the end of her reign, she had her soldiers conducting raids across the borders to quench the thirst of her scalpel.   An embassy from the kingdom of her birth was the beginning of the end of her reign. Her father, whom she'd had no contact with other than sending the occasional assassin his way, had been deposed by Suc'mor the Griefless. The embassy was meant to intimidate and horrify her; they consisted of six skeletal knights who brought her the heads of her father and mother. Her response was to send back a meticulously rendered painting of her laughing hysterically on the throne. Suc'mor was so impressed by the implied cruelty that instead of pursuing her as a vassal, he looked to seal an alliance.    The alliance was only a few years, but the two of them did incredible amounts of harm in that time. They expanded their borders, ballooned their wealth, and became a terror to all of their neighbors. Their alliance culminated in a coup against their draconic suzerain and his scalykind servants. This gave Suc'mor the final thrust of power and knowledge to power his apotheosis into a lich. When Lephyria discovered his transformation, she ordered him hunted and brought before her for a vivisection. The resultant war brought both countries to ruin, and the draconic reprisals finished them off. Suc'mor the Griefless took his remaining forces to Seaudyr. Lephyria followed soon after.     What occurred after is something of a mystery. At some point, Lephyria arrived in Seaudyr herself. Rather than an invasion, she began using her magics and her disease to weave a network into the fabric of human society. A shadow war occurred, at the end of which she disappeared and Suc'mor appeared to have won.


Lephyria is a shallow lover, entertaining a dalliance now and than and almost always ending such affairs by dismantling her partner and examining their base parts.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Lephyria is one of the great minds of medicine and biological warfare in history. She is single handedly responsible for the creation of sortilago.

Intellectual Characteristics

Lephyria is a Phlegmatic, often appearing stoic and calm unless circumstances force her to mask for manipulation.

Morality & Philosophy

Lephyria is a Didactist. The only thing that actually matters to her is filling out her grimoires and advancing her research for its own sake.


Lephyria cannot ignore her own curiosity.

Personality Characteristics


Lephyria wants to continue her research. It's knowledge gain at any cost and for its own sake. She has no higher goal, no desire to cure all disease or gain ultimate power. She simply wants to advance her own knowledge and immortalize it in her Great Work. Everything else is either a means to that end or an amusing diversion.

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws


Personality Quirks

When something catches her attention, Lephyria initially lets the rest of the world fade away as the new obsession consumes her.


Lephyria smells of medicinal herbs and peppermint.



Lephyria reigned in Leedis for a total of fourteen years, what would be the equivalent of the Years 109 to 123.

Religious Views

Lephyria is a Practicing member of the Church of Scarroh

Social Aptitude

Lephyria is a consummate politician and stoic. She is clever, psychopathic, and callous.

Hobbies & Pets

Lephyria's only constant companion is her familiar, Surrikoma.
Chaotic Evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Dame of Zekoraxis, Queen of Leedis, Domina of the Leedians, Saint-Alive of the Church of Scarroh, Mistress of Life.
Black, no visible iris.
Ashy blonde, worn long and loose
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale skin with blue veins


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