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Selvia's Imaginary Mountains

Once called the Edge of the World, or the Impassable Wall, this wide range of mountains are full of mystery.   Our ancestors found it way before any major settlement was established, and they were totally convinced that it was an intricate wall of diamond or magical ice that surrounded the world. Some consider that they thought that based in the legend of the Ice Perimeter, or the legend that says that the world is held in the hands of a frozen deity. Although it's more likely that all those stories had its origins in the discovery of this mountains.   The mountains in this area are perpetually frozen, inhabited by dangerous creatures. Both magic and technology fail in expected or unexpected ways, the use of the former being particularly dangerous. For those reasons, even when the myth was questioned, the area wasn't explored.   When the young cartographer, Selvia, announced that she had been at the wall and it was nothing but the highest mountains of the world, nobody believed her. Those who believed in The Hands, called her an enemy of the truth, and the scientific community from that world thought she was crazy.   Almost a century passed before her claims were confirmed.


There is no record of the actual number of mountains, but Selvia described twenty three. All of them higher than 8,000 meters from ground level. Estial being the higher of them, with 10,029 meters at its summit. According to her and other researchers that dared into the mountains, those aren't the highest peaks of the group.   All of the described mountains show steep terrain, and most of them are solid rock and are always frozen.


There are notable differences in the wildlife that inhabits each of the explored mountains. Yet, all plants and animals in the area have one thing in common besides being apt to live in the cold: they are dangerous.   The Nest of Ice, a species of tall tree with needle like leaves that only exists in the Fifth Planet, is all over the area, but in different varieties. The Thirsty Shadow can be seen in different mountains too, naturally, that kind of bird thrives in the extreme weather of the mountains.
Alternative Name(s)
Edge of the World
The Impassable Wall
Mountain Range
Immemorial Plane
  Map designed by Escritora Novata, using Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator.

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