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You can't hear nothing but the singing of birds in the forest. You can smell nothing but wood and resins. You can't see much because of the snow and you can feel anything but the cold in your bones. But all the food tastes awesome.   That's right: you are in Sabinar, an old town in the forest that lays next to the edge of the world, where both the people and the sunlight are shy. The technology is low and the magic nonexistent, but you have everything you need.


This is one of the few settlements in Ogha where you can find a race that's more common than others, in part due to how isolated the town is, but mostly because their genetic traits (dark skin, eyes and hair, short, muscular legs, folded eyes, etc... ) are dominant.   Magical skills distribution is quite balanced, but those who have them learn to avoid their use from early age.   Culturally, there is more variety, because those who come from other places usually spread their beliefs and practices. Those change with time and the influence of the local culture, which often results in new variants that may never leave the town.


Like the rest of Ogha, they don't have any sort of central government, but it's easier to spot the experts of each field. Schools and workplaces have a clear leadership source whether it is a single person with lots of experience or a group that includes the older and the more innovative. Law Enforcers are almost non existent, and people go to them with any business that needs mediation after the involved parties had tried all in their hands to reach an agreement.


They built their houses and barns close to the mountains and sometimes inside of them. All the buildings are made with wood, rock and their own mixture of clay, gravel and tree pulp and oils.   Unlike most people in Ogha, they don't build their concave roofs. Instead, they collect water in fount-like constructions and extract it from the ice they bring from the near mountains.   Public spaces are in the open, as well as most workplaces, delimited by terrain, trees, and the well maintained cobbled paths.
Founding Date
Ancient Age
Inhabitant Demonym
Vehicles Present
This may be the oldest human settlement in Ogha, and it hasn't changed at all since it was discovered by the rest of the world, more than 10,000 years ago.   There are several buildings that, according to the sabinés people, had always been there, but the materials had been changed over and over as a manner of maintenance. They have preserved wood and rock sculptures from the Ancient Age and keep a record of the major changes, without names of the people involved, but a clear description of the impact in the community and the environment.


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