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Gonarau (Gɶnäɾäu)

Before being D'hale, said world was the Kingdom of Greus. In the rule of The Well-intended King, people where extremely unhappy. They were forced to work the equivalent to five standard hours, without any say on the when, where and how. it didn't matter how much they tried to explain that they wanted more freedom, the king knew that was the only way to make the kingdom productive enough to grant health, food and fun to everyone.   The departures started almost a year after he started his rule, but they were small and ignored by everyone but the departed people's friends and family. It was mostly the young adults who decided to leave to the east lands, looking for a place where they could be free without being hungry. They say some of then died. But many prevailed.   When the warriors started plotting, one third of the people who had remained loyal to the king, ran away in no more than ten days. Others followed in the next years, as they lost any hope of seing the return of the kingdom's older peace and prosperity. All of them were welcomed in the small settlements established by the first departed people, and they help to make them bigger and better. They hoped to be spared of the horrors of the war, but they didn't dare to believe it would be that way.   One day, the departures stopped. People in the exile didn't know what had happened, and the theories started to appear: "They are going to other villages", "They are going west", "they will come tomorrow", "nobody else willing to travel". "Maybe the king forbade the migrations". "The war ended with everyone and everything".   Far away as they were, they didn't even knew about Dler and her plot to stop the war. They only find out a few years later, when the king sent messengers to invite them to go back, only if they wanted, and on their own terms. Those who had never wanted to leave the kingdom, and hadn't found a home here, took the offer immediately. The vast majority decided to stay. They weren't Gonarau anymore, because they where already home, but that's the name they were familiar with, and that's the name of the country they built.


Shared customary codes and values

Ever since the end of the war, they have worked hard to develop a fair full democratic system, opposed to the ways of the old king that would ignore his people wishes and focused only on their needs. That means the laws and customs are altered often, according to the relate demographic changes.   This is not exactly good for minorities, because their needs are sometimes ignored in favor of the majority wishes. No one ever complains, though. Some Historians think that's due to a deep sense of community or fear of loosing democracy. It helps that no one in the country is part of a minority in every aspect, so they accept each lost knowing they will find no resistance when they win.

Average technological level

They are quite advanced in arquitecture, energy and food production, tools and communications. Areas like chemistry, medicine and weapons are poorly researched.   They used the magic in their voices as a mean to do mundane shores, but magic pratitioners from all over the universe agree that the most efficient ways of travel are D'hale's translation spells.


Beauty Ideals

They look for beauty in the unique details of each person, creature or thing. It's nothing beautiful or ugly about the ordinary, that just is.

At the same time, they don't use words as pretty, beautiful, or even good, because they believe that every single person has a different definition about them.
While most things can be decided democratically, the meaning of beauty is not supposed to be decided, not even understood.
— Every Ginarau so far

Relationship Ideals

The Ginarau think that humans from every world are all made to be together, and provide stability and help for each other. The how, can only be decided by each individual and respected by those who want to be part of their circle.   They tend to stay close to people who has the same ideals about friendship, family and love, instead of those who share other things with them. Once they establish a link, it's unusual to break it. But, our of that, it's a personal thing, not cultural.



Official language
Other languages
D'hale tongue (lost)

Major organizations
The Census
  A group of well prepared, trustworthy people who keeps a record of the country's demography data.
Elections Enabler Structure
  There is no greater honor than being selected to count the votes and report the results of an election. There is no greater danger than being found trying to lie about them. Their only responsibility and attribution is to report the votes to the next level in the hierarchy.   Each family or clan has one person reporting their votes. That representative joins the other representatives in each city, and after they make numbers, they chose on person to report to the region. Then the regional team pick the one who will take part on the country team.
Historical figures
Dler and her conspirator friends are considered heroes for the Ginarau, even when they never reached a hand to help the departed that started this country. They are celebrated as bringers of peace.
The Well-intended King is remembered as an example of how everything falls apart when a single person holds the power and the majority's will is ignored.

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