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Bivio Fruit

A pome-like fruit commonly found in Siouel. It's pinkish white, with a green velvet skin and no seeds at all.   Usually the fruit can be eaten as is, rind and all, or cut in half to eat only the inside.   When used as a gift or appetizer, can be decorated with creative patterns by partially removing the peel, and some prefer to eat it in cubes or slices. While it mixes well with other fruits, many prefer to enjoy its flavor alone.   It can also be part of other meals, while it's kind of tricky to combine it, and its flavor and smell don't always change for the better when its cooked. Only some pastry cookers know how to turn it into a delicious dessert, and not many more people is able to make a good drink with it.   And, delicious as those can be, not many are interested in trying to learn how to prepare them. Why would they go through the effort, when the fruit is so impressively tasty and ready to be eaten?


While the Bivio Tree is oficcially considered as a Siouel's native tree, the very first of these fruits was magically designed in Gehi , by a visitor who was there in The Community's behalf.   Long story short, Aled found a familiar face kept as slave in that world, and used all his limited knowledge on food and his Invention skills, to create something that could satisfy his not-yet friend's plea for "something sweet".   Because of his limited knowledge on the topic, and the combined goal of providing some sort of endorphin-boost at the same time than energy and nutrients, it was easier and wiser to design a fruit that combined characteristics of others, instead of copying a single one.


An ordinary fruit, recently "discovered" for most people at Siouel. Loved by children because of its flavor and often used as a mean to show affection to friends and family.   While it isn't the best source of nutrients, or even such a good mood booster as chocolate or wayfarer's apple, this fruit is a local favorite when it comes to comfort foods, usually as its own but also as part of a homemade soup or exquisite desserts and beverages.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
182 - 198 g
7-10 cm in diameter
Base Price
1 meal value
1 treat value
Sweet with an bitter touch
Bivio Soup
While it's often used as part of complicated desserts and sweat beverages, this fruit is also the key ingredient for a well known soup that your loved ones could quickly prepare for dinner when they notice you just had a bad day.   Besides the single bivio fruit cut in really small cubes, it includes season vegetables, whatever spices the cook can find, and occasionally meat. The taste is determined by these other ingredients, and only a slight bittersweet taste hints the presence of the fruit, but it will lift your spirits nonetheless.


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