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Time holds no meaning here

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On a distant world on a far flung sector of space a cybernetic soldier makes his mark on history by using telepathy to contact other psychic soldiers, sending his thoughts across time and space.   In a humble coastal town a young practitioner of the arcane arts opens a rift between realities and projects her mind across the void.   A thick forest woodlands is home to a sorcerer uses a mystic portal to open a tear in the binding fabric between the realms.   Little does each of them know that despite using different names, all are tapping into the same force. Into the same binding energy that connects the planes of the Astral sea together. And lets you travel between realms of reality.   People come and go. Houses form and fall. Empires rise, wither, and rise again and again. Even the story of man is a finite one. There were others before us. There will likely be others when we are gone.   Where one story ends another begins. From the precursors to mankind, the rise and fall of humanity, to the denizens of the worlds we left behind when we are all gone.   Past, present, and future stories culminate across the nebulous flow of time. For every man; a story. Every family; a legacy. Every dynasty; a downfall.   Join me in my humble attempt to try to relay theses stories. Some human, some not. Some taking place on our humble little world while others on far flung worlds galaxies away.   Welcome.

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