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Stage Coach

This is a tall wooden cart. Designed to carry 6 people comfortably and to be pulled by a maximum of 2 horses. Pulling it with 1 horse, or pulling it with creatures other than horses or similarly sized creature on all fours results in said creature gaining 1 Point of Exhaustion after 4 Hours.

One side of the cart can be turned into a stage area by pulling out a part of the wooden floor on the previously mentioned side of the wagon. When it locks into place, iron rods also extend and lock on both sides of the stage. Curtains can be hung on these iron rods to form the backing to the stage as well as to make the inside of the cart a ‘backstage’ of sorts.


Though small, this stage is suitable for plays, music, dances, or other performances that can fit on its 15 ft in length and 5 ft in width. Any creature who has practiced on such a stage has +2 to Performance Checks made while upon it.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A large mesh of cogs and gears beneath the bed of the wagon are activated when the left (or right, depending on the build) floor panel of wood is pulled out from that direction. This causes the gears to rotate as it extends into a stage and lock into place for the performance.

Also as the floor extends, it reveals a smaller panel beneath it that covers the side of the wagons floor that would normally be exposed by the panel sliding out.

Additionally, when the gears lock into place, it activates several spring loaded iron rods that shoot up on each side of the newly formed stage and lock into place as well.

The gears can be accessed from a small panel in one of the corners of the floor paneling on the side that isn't designed to slide out.

Manufacturing process

  • Combine Components to the specification of the Stage Coach Schematics using either the Carpenter Tools or the Tinkerer Tools.
  • The builder need only construct the items from scratch if they do not have the correct Components already on hand.

Time Frame

  • Assembly by itself is a 6 Hour process
  • Constructing pieces from scratch, especially the Iron and Mechanical components adds an entire 24 Hours to the total process.


Performance based traveling utility, perfect for a traveling troop of entertainers trying to up their performances and earn more money from them.

Item type
200 lbs
15 ft long x 10 ft wide
Base Price
200 GP
Raw materials & Components
  • 150 lbs of wood planks, cut into appropriate sizes
  • 32 Iron Gears
  • 10 Wooden Cogs
  • 3 Iron Rods
  • 6 tightly wound 1" Springs
  • 4 Iron Wheels.
  • Carpenter Tools (for wooden parts)
  • Tinkerer Tools (for mechanical parts)
  • Smith Tools (for iron parts)
  • Working Forge (for iron parts)

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