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Roguish Bubbly

Utility Brew

Magical, Alchemic (advanced)   Mildly alcoholic blubbly that is tinted a slight green. A full dose is only 6 oz, so it can be drank as a bonus action. Grants the Rogue Ability, Cunning Action every turn next 1d4 + Con x 10 minutes or until some sort of magical nullification effect is forced upon the character using this brew.

Manufacturing process

The ingredients must be ground down and fermented along with the Strong Fermented Ale. Every night for the duration of the fermentation process, the Thieve's Prayer must be recited over the cask.


Rogue, Ranger, Blood Hunter, Fighter

Item type
0.3 lbs
Base Price
300 GP
Raw materials & Components
Giant Weasel Tail, Strong Fermented Ale 6 oz, Blink Dog Fur x2 tufts, Angel Feather
Herbalism Kit, Alchemist Tools

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