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Plane of Ice

The Frostfell, also known as the Para-Elemental Plane of Ice, was the Inner Plane at the intersection of the Planes of Air and Water. It was a place of utter cold.


Much like the Plane of Earth, the Plane of Ice was primarily solid towards its center, though caverns and crevasses cut through the otherwise solid ice in places. Where the plane bordered the Plane of Water, scattered icebergs floated; where it bordered the Plane of Air, the ice ended in a jutting white wall.

This solid ice wall was a surface upon which one could walk, a sheet of craggy ice extending in all directions as far as eye could see and where hazardous blizzards scoured. Icy mountain peaks erupted from the surface in places. The air was breathable on this surface, but the temperature was deathly cold. This region of the plane was called the Precipice, and many visitors foolishly thought it to represent the whole plane, though the majority of the plane existed below the Precipice.

Gravity existed on this para-plane; up was towards the Plane of Air, while down was towards the Plane of Water. When one approached the "bottom" of the place, more and more water was present until the ice broke up into chunks atop the Plane of Water. This border region was called the Sea of Frozen Lives. Because of how it seemed like the icebergs of the Sea of Frozen Lives seemed to float upon the Plane of Water, some called the Plane of Ice itself the Floating Plane or the Bobbing Plane.

In the lateral directions, once could travel along the endless ice to the borders of the Negative Energy Plane, the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Salt, the Positive Energy Plane, and the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Steam. These border regions were known as the Frigid Void, the Stinging Storm, the Shimmering Drifts, the Fog of Unyielding Frost, respectively. The Frigid Void was free of snow and blizzards and a region of absolute darkness and cold. The Stinging Storm was an area of hailing salt storms. The Fog of Unyielding Frost was full of bitter cold vapors that could freeze one's lungs. The Shimmering Drifts was perhaps the oddest region, as the snow falling here was infused with an energy that could cause severe confusion to those it contacted

Alternative Name(s)
The Frostfell
Dimensional plane

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