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These humans began their lineage far in the North on the continent of Tozus.

This is a subset of early humans, diverging from the surface dwelling humans known as the Nords. Also like the Nords, the were Noxus from the north, hair as snow white and skin as pure as the snowy mountains they inhabited. Back in their beginnings, they were simply known as Nords.


They were forced by their masters to consume the fungus known as Blackbud, as a pledge of loyalty and as a humiliation tactic, which rendered the entire race, for generations to come, completely blind.

The race they once were, was no more. Now they only knew hatred for their new masters. They were no longer Nords. They had become the Noxus.

Their patron deity shed tears of grief as she turned her back on them, no longer recognizing the faithless monsters before her. This act actually cursed them, making them Vulnerable to Ice.

A new race was born. Quite literally, everything about their morphology changed. they hunched over, lost the ability to speak civilized languages, their written history was now useless, so it was lost. Within a few generations, the entire average rate of intelligence within the once vast society dropped well below normal rates, below even that of goblins at their lowest point, which is exactly where the Dwarves wanted them.


Current State

Centuries passed. When Dwarven society fractured and advanced, the enclaves overseeing these slave races decided to sever their ties, not killing them, but no longer overseeing them.

Several thousand years later, scientists are just beginning to study these new creatures in earnest, and they have learned something terrifying. They are getting smarter. Herding rats. Taming underground scorpions to ride as mounts. Rediscovering alchemy and magics, primarily the arts of Ice and Lightning Evocation, rediscovering the affinity of their ancestors.

Most troubling of all is their most recent habit, the capture, and subjugation of mortals that wander to close to their territory. These victims are never seen again. This trend has gone on for almost a century, and within the past year, the occurrence has gone up drastically. Whether this is another sign of their increasing intelligence or is simply being caused by increased investigation into their territory of the Underdark, we can only speculate.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Hunched over, moving in an ape-like fashion. Their eyes shrunk to feeble knots on their shriveled faces, their formerly beautiful white hair grew in smelly dreads. Their skin is a sickly grey.

Additional Information

Social Structure

They seem to be developing into a matriarchal society, revering women of their kind for their natural magical prowess and fertility. In the ways of organized religion, they don’t seem to have the capacity for it just yet.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Underdark of the Tozus Continent

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

  • Blindsight 60ft, Blind Beyond this Radius
  • Passive Perception 15

Civilization and Culture


In ancient days, the Nords were ruled by the Dwarves. Some of these Nords, finally sick of the cruelty shown to them by their captors, fled their Dwarven taskmasters and went underground in the Underdark, building a large society and eventually establishing a shaky alliance with the dwarves who promised to aid their fledgling society out of a desire for mutual benefit and to "bury the hatchet" so to speak.

Their large empires also had religions, one specifically in which pilgrims journey a perilous path full of odd trials to eventually see the grand shaman who would end their journey and guide them to enlightenment. Their primary deity was the Ciela, Goddess of Winter, a Descendant God created by a clash between Tohrmehnt and Rapture. Ciela inserted herself into the Nord pantheon, admiring their beauty and ambition in the face of desolate cold. When the Nordlings fractured, her favore departed along with the Nords who rebelled against the Dwarves. She could not bring herself to continue to protect those who weren't proud enough to fight for their lives, even in the face of a colossal avalanche of Dwarven society.



When settlements on the surface began to expand, they began to butt heads with this subsection of underground Nordlings.

The dwarves were powerful enough to hold these new surface societies at bay, that is away from their mountains. In addition, they were also shrewd enough to broker some alliances with the barbaric newcomers. This put the underground early humans in a bind, and in order to ensure their survival, they did what their ancestors would have despised the most: pledged their servitude to the cruel and vastly technologically advanced Dwarves, once again.

This event, lead to their demise as a purely human species.

They were forced by their masters to consume the fungus known as Blackbud, as a pledge of loyalty and as a humiliation tactic, which rendered the entire race, for generations to come, completely blind.

Geographically, they changed from Upper Cavern and Outside Snowy Terrain dwelling to Deep Underdark dwelling, turning their back on all of creation, all they once knew.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Unknown, besides the small slice of recently discovered knowledge that they have brokered some kind of alliance with an Adult Cave Dwelling Dragon.

Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens
Related Ethnicities

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