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Nine Hells

When those on the surface of Mundas can see it, the Nine Hells appears to be a glowing red moon hanging in the distant sky. In actuality, it is a member of the Lower Planes than hover in the Astral Sea and home to a sub race of the Fiends known as the Devils.

It is a plane of sinister evil and institutional cruelty organized in a strict caste system with a very rigid chain of command. Unlike the demons of the Abyss, the devils are highly organized in their quest for power and status—scheming and plotting power plays, coups, and assassinations.

Each of the Nine Hells had its own physical laws or properties of matter, but all were inhospitable or deadly to outsiders


Each Hell was a different infinite layer interconnected at barriers much like a nine-layered cake—the lowest points of one layer manifested barriers that exited high above the surface of the next lower layer.

The river Styx flowed through the first layer, Avernus, and also the fifth layer, Stygia, before crossing over into Gehenna.

Each of the nine Hells was unique and usually mirrored the malevolent characteristics of its ruler, or perhaps the archdevils were shaped by the domains they schemed to control, no one can be certain.

Alternative Name(s)
Dimensional plane

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