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The Split Wings of Kireon is a Homebrew campaign setting designed for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.
5e Lore has been included and omitted where I see fit, reshaped and skinned to fit my own designs as a fan made campaign setting and built to include the widest range of character types possible.

The physical realm of Kireon spreads about 5,083 miles vertically and 5,283 miles laterally. Weathering the brunt of several millennia worth of history and blood, the civilizations spawned in this land are diverse both in race and ethnicity. Some are short lived, other last for ages. Some are brutal and thoughtless, others are peaceful and intelligent, but most rest somewhere in between.

A reader might consider Kireon a Psudo-Earth and a classic reiteration of many forms of fantasy, and they wouldn't be far off. However, the one thing that sets this realm apart is a unique law of nature, native only to this realm. Scholars refer to it as Permeation. Raw human emotion imposing its own will upon the Weave.

The All-Powerful Being Myr created life on Kireon in his Image. From him spawned all mortal life, including humans. Seemingly as a result of this, the feelings / emotions of all mortals and the importance they assign to certain places, objects, or people can influence the magical Weave without their direct knowledge or intention to do so required.

Mortals who die due to fowl play might be consumed by their need for vengeance or redemption and linger on as a spirit. Shouting ill wishes in anger can quite literally curse a person, place, or thing. Intense feelings of betrayal or frustration can even cause mutations in the natural environment. People not given a proper name might be cursed to never feel purpose. Stillborn infants not handled with care or respect could turn them into hideous monsters.

Because of this, medicine, magic, weapons, items, gods, civilizations, and mortals themselves have changed, evolved, adapted, progressed, and regressed over the centuries.

Delve through the rich history of this storied land and bring your players face to face with various aspects of humanity and see how they react. Use the various factions to explore how mortals cope and behave when faced with death, life, redemption, enslavement, and any other moral crisis facing our real world society through the foil of these mystical lands.

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