Kinh: The Red Lands Anarchy of the 12 Warlords

947 AZ

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Power. It's something we all want, but something we all fear. Our country of Sainan is left in disarray. The Han dynasty has abandoned our people, leaving us to pick up what's left of the crumbs. While our nation has fought wars and survived plot and ploys, it is human nature to repeat mistakes from the past and to be, unfortunately, mortal.
Our whole nation undergoes a brutal civil war, with warlords desecrating the lands with conflict. Clans weave their webs of lies and treason, children walking on the edge between their family's honour and duty to their motherland.
Emperor Fang wants to conquer the nation of Sainan for its magic crystals before the end of the world where the demons will come from Dead Man's Land but is having difficulty taking it over using his vast imperial army because the 12 Warlords are exceptionally powerful.
And yet, life goes on.
To find beauty in the moment, joy and meaning in the mere existence, to prosper and build knowledge for generations to come.
Nobody expects the underdog to come out on top against the top dog. Virtue triumphs Evil, doing the right thing, leads to victory, and greed leads to destruction.