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Speartip Thilarie

"To the holy Triumvirate I have sworn my duty to lead my people, from now on known as Spearheads, to protect and aid the gentle citizens of Nemthi.
To Etherium I have promised to use their investment into our cause to do good and only good in the world.
To my kin, I had told that we will find a way to help those we care about without losing our individuality.
As Speartip of Nemthi, I seek to fulfil my duty and make our county a better place."

Thilarie (4928 AS)

Physical Description

Body Features

The water body of a freezer automaton is a tool of unparallel versatility. With its aid is Thilarie able to be as prolific as she needs to be.
When she is stressed you can usually see her having centred all her fluids around her chest with eight or more water tendrils doing stuff in the whole room.
They appear amorphic and can turn in the blink of an eye solid or into a liquid.
Her water body has two features that are crucial for her survival.
  • She breaths through it.

  • Her skin continuously absorbs hydrogen out of the air enriching her body with it allowing her to respire for a limited time even without air around. If her body is saturated thoroughly her water body turns breathable; she could even cover your head and replace the air in your lungs with water and you could breathe for as long as she can add more hydrogen in her water stream. An ability, that is useful in dangerous situations, when for example the air is becoming toxic in a burning house.
  • She eats and drinks with it.

  • The water bubble between her ribs is comparable to our stomach acid. When she wants to eat something, she will taste it letting it run through her body and then turn it into energy by dissolving it between her ribs.

    Facial Features

    Thilarie's face is static, she has no facial movements.
    Her eyes however are quite expressive able to convey emotions by changing shape and sometimes even their colour.
    If her eyes are formed like half-moons, then she is extremely happy.

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    After getting formed by the Veil in 4899, Thilarie got found by a group of mercenaries, led by the lamia Mr'ric Rex, wandering through the deep forest northern of Leaston. They offered her a place amidst their ranks to fight the good fight in exchange for a pretty penny. Not knowing much about the world she lived in having been alive for less than three weeks at that point, she took the offer gladly and joined the mercenary group, calling themselves 'Silver Needle'. The first missions were great and she learned to like her scaly companions helping others with guard duties or escorts. But their tenth gig opened her eyes. When the silver needles got recruited by the Ivory Jack to support the army in a hot war with Scorzosa providing support, she experienced for the first time in her young life the horrors of reality.
    "You told me we would help the people with what we do?
    Then explain to me how this bloody corpse of a night elf ... you are still bruising her.
    How does this depiction of cruelty help anybody, Rex?
    Stop letting your anger out on her and listen to me!
    What the hell is wrong with you?!"

    Thialarie discovering Rex being mental

    Rex's manic behaviour painfully opened her eyes to reality. She trusted bad influence. They did care for her but got led by hatred and anger instead of her principles of being kind and helpful. Thilarie realized they were the wrong people to learn to live with and left the group.
    From 4900 - 4928, Thilarie tried to find her calling by helping countless people in Leaston and surrounding failing to find any job nor exercise that fulfilled her desire to be helpful. In that time she experienced her first identity loss after foolishly falling in love with one of her business partners attempting to undergo a link. That traumatic experience caused her to rethink her ideals and repurpose them with the realisation, that she will be never able to truly be close to a singular individual without losing herself.
    It was then, that she first came in 4924 in contact with other Freezer automatons, who were experiencing similar issues. They decided to stick together and form the first primordial variant of what got later known as the 'Spearheads'. It was there, where she met her future best friend Lanstein, a quirky freezer with a tendency to put her words into rhymes trying to brighten up everyone's day.
    When Etherium decided to expand their influence on the nation in war wanting to put funds into a new project to fight the growing poverty and lack of infrastructure by training an organisation to put their goal into helping the country standing above the war.
    Thilarie and her Freezer squad took the opportunity and offered their assistance to the Triumvirate to be the future core of the samaritan project, which the Etherium ambassadors immediately supported after receiving the blessings of their gods.
    The Organisation 'Spearhead' was founded.

    4928 - 4987: The Organisation grew from a small group of like-minded people to a huge complex making fighting the ever-growing poverty to their prime objective.
    Due to the rules of the Triumvirate and Etherium was Thilarie and Co. not able to change anything, possessing not the clearance to actually put their funds into anything but keeping the Spearheads active. They began with their yearly holiday trips distributing many tons of food to those living in the city slums across the first week of the eighth month.
    A part of the Spearheads rejoined the ever-present war after Scorzosa and Nemthi came to an agreement to grant a small group of unarmed people, the Spearheads, immunity on the battlefield helping those, who are unable to fight anymore. Lanstein was the leader of that movement after her water body received an upgrade getting reinforced with healing abilities. Thilarie, still scarred by her first encounter with war, took over the administrative leadership of the Spearheads instead, finally getting granted the honorific title 'Speartip' in 4985 by her people's choice.
    In 4987, with the holiday trip approaching, confronted Lanstein Thilarie with a proposition. Joining her on her route finally get to know the enabler of the Medic squad, a kobold called Bianca Peritl, who granted her the abilities necessary to heal. Feeling obligated to thank that huge benefactor of their cause, and curious about why she lived in the slums instead of going public with her abilities and joining her group, she agreed and accompanied her friend on that fateful trip. (...)

    To be continued in the Novel Mending and Havoc:


    Morality & Philosophy

    "I seek to do the right thing and help the helpless, but without looking down on them.
    I am a servant to the people and want to treat them as equals. And I would wish to get treated as an equal as well."

    Thilarie's moral compass couldn't be more lawful. She wants to do the right thing and support as many as possible with her Spearhead organisation. And most people thank her for that. She couldn't be happier to see the smiles of those she helped or hear them laughing after spending some time together. But then there are the xenophobes, who just cant comprehend how a machine looking being with a frozen body could be so warm and hearty. There are conspirations regarding her unit, with them being artificially made by Etherium and sent to their country to take it over softening up the wide mass making annexing Nemthi easy game.
    Current Location
    Date of Birth
    Year of Birth
    4899 AS 99 Years old
    Circumstances of Birth
    Formed by the Veil out of abudant amounts of water and matter ligaments caused by accumulated energy from the northern dam.
    Azure, highly mallable in form
    Two long lobes of metal on each side with a crown like structure decorating her head
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Smoked steel skeleton.
    Azure water body.
    1.31 m
    6 kg (no water body)
    28 kg (with water body)
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations
    Featured prominently in:

    Mending and Havoc


    "Thilarie is the best. Charismatic, reserved; friendly.
    But she requires our all help to stay that way.
    She needs us to toss this hopeless introvert the balls to spread her wings.
    We are nothing without her.
    She is nothing without us.
    And nobody here would want that!"



    Thilarie is primarily attracted to males with a gentle attitude.
    Her late boyfriend Hector, who died in the ritual 4962 trying to become the next Silver King, described she as the most caring and peace-loving individual she ever met.
    And when Hector began to boast out of fear to his girlfriend regarding how good of a fighter he was despite not ever having swung a sword, she fell into a deep depression watching him die horribly in the arena.
    Since then she closed herself up for further open relationships trying to not add further wounds to her soul.
    "I ... appreciate your flirting attempts, friend.
    And I am happy you try it, it makes me feel warm.
    But I have to ask you to stop your advances.
    This will only get uncomfortable for the both of us.
    I ... feel not ready yet, my sincere apologies.
    The next round is on me!"

    Thilarie (4975)

    Cover image: by Vertixico
    Character Portrait image: Automaton Thilarie by Soulwing98


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