"A metal to break the prison"

"You know of everything, Terminus, then tell me a single thing!
How the hell was this 'Showrunner' guy able to breach trough my antimagic barrier?
He should have been cowering on the ground puking his guts out, but no!?
That bastard was able to use his green fire and even beheaded me! ME!? A goddess of the counsel.
So take your many butts and find me an answer, I can't stand this humiliation!
Find out how he was able to bypass my Zabrit-Shields! How he made them worthless!
I need to replace my body, I require my Zabrit in functional."

Justitia to Terminus


"You will not be able to even lay a finger on Justitia, brother ... not with these arms at least.
We used our connections finding the fitting 'personal' to turn this superhot material into something usable.
These mechanical arms forged by those in our debts, imbued by Avola and me with the metal we have harvested.
They not only enhance your flames of corruption, no, but that is also the most unimportant aspect.
What will give you the edge is the following presentation. (...)

Superbia is a metal consisting of such an abundance of the powers of the most primal Veil, that even the infamous 'antimagic' ore Zabrit loses its dampening and sickening effects permanently rendering it into a worthless rock when opposing this material. Until the creation of this alloy of arcane materials, there was no way to counteract Zabrit. That however changed in 4985 AS ...
(...) See!?
Avola can grab the Zabrit without feeling a bit, she could even swallow it and it wouldn't be of any issue for her arcane abilities. The rock is dead, ceased to the superiority of our craft. What do you think ... Showrunner?"

Regor Trestl

A metal to change the world

The creation of this metal, imbued into the mechanical arm replacements of the Showrunner, granted him an undeniably superior position in the Underground allowing the trio to get the tools necessary to challenge Justitia. And when the head of the mechanical goddess fell to the ground, cut by the nameless Merfolk, he spoke to himself drunk from the feeling of absolute power:
"I reign supreme! A creation, more powerful than even the gods.
This metal ... I dub you Superbia!"

The Showrunner

Then the golden hand of the beheaded goddess grasped his head blindly crushing his face wrathfully slamming him into the next wall.


Smokey, intensive smell
Tastes like power!
Radiating in orange and red
Boiling / Condensation Point
100.000 °C
Melting / Freezing Point
4000 °C
Common State
Artifical; Solid
Related Locations


The unnamed ore got first discovered by the Showrunner on his suicidal mission to harvest the endless power of Mont Amata's primal outburst of the Veil of Summer, a massive surge of fiery energy forming a beacon into space radiating enormous amounts of magic. The ingenious smith forged casings of raw unfiltered arcane matter to gather the primal energy and convert it into a usable form. And when the volcano beamed out radiating through the bars for a solid two days, the Showrunner recovered the spoils.
"I chose Amata for my experiments, Regor, because it is the only beacon of Squa'osa, who shines only once a year causing an unbearable summer.
This raw wild spreading power is more powerful than anything else in the world.
And look! Avola, Regor?
May you help me pull up the chains and take a look at our experiment?
Such untamed beauty! A bar of fire incarnated radiating with the might of a power rivalling the gods.
This might be it! This might be the material to slay the Eternals!"

The Weaponsmith

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