Omnilingualism // Friend to all Things

"I can hear it, Rustfeet. The wind has told me the untold news. Etherium is at war again, the behemoths have taken their move.
I ... I fear that we are the target.
I am the only Omnilingualist in power, who is friends with the four winds.
Nobody is talking, the crews of all 20 ships are silent.
Rust- Evamal. I want you and Miriko close at my side.
But first, warn the Spearheads. Their protegées might be a factor in why it will be today.
I am afraid we have a mule."

The Bronze Queen to her butler (4987)

Awareness // Precognition

Omnilingualists have allies whereas others have nothing. A rock is not known for having a voice, or ears of that matter. But the Veil is living regardless in everything and every living being alike. And the Veil is more than just a source of magic. It is an amalgam of billions of voices waiting for their turn. To either become an Arcadian or an arcane animal.
Omnilingualists can speak to those in waiting, who possess unliving things to pass the time. Able to interact with the world, they love to help those, who can hear them. These sorcerers hear voices wherever they go, helpful voices. A rock can tell them who stepped on them, a knife who held it. Even the winds carry messages, they otherwise couldn't hear, to their ears. Their unnatural awareness is fascinating ... and frightening.
Especially in a situation when the Omnilingualist is in danger. The voices are now additional ears and eyes. Rocks tell which one to avoid to not trip, the wind warns them if they carry a threat with them, and the weapons of the enemy give them information about where they will strike down.
The ritual to deem the new Bronze Queen was the most unusually one-sided slaughter that ever took place in the holy colosseum.
A frilled lizard called Theresta Bisfourth made a fool out of the entire competition. Nobody knew what her powers were, but every bolt of magic missed, and every blade got deflected. She danced on the blood-soaked sand and dodged all attacks. And the wind was raging.
The arena sand irritated everyone but that one lizard. As if it was her ally. Minutes passed and more and more splinters fell, some even fell prey to the arena ground, tripping when attacking Theresta only to get finished by another splinter. And when only she and a massive drake remained played she with her pray until the bronze warrior lady collapsed due to her prior wounds of the ritual.
Theresta was the last splinter standing and that without a droplet of blood on her emerald paws. As elegant as the first Bronze Queen.
She is her true reincarnation.

Research // Spying

Every item has a story, especially books are packed full of them. For Omnilingualists are libraries a place of quick knowledge acquisition. Only having to state a question the book containing the answer will readily whisper it to their ears. But only if the sorcerer has a good stand with the library. Many Omnilingualists are curators or restaurators of the biggest temples of knowledge, to earn points with the unliving.
There are however other, more nefarious ways, to make the Veil work for ones own benefit. Planting and nurturing plants in favorable places can grant a stationary set of ears, hearing everything that moves their leaves. Doing good for the environment encourages the restless Veil to share their knowledge over question asked. Mortals can lie, things have no benefit in lying, are not even aware of the concept.
Aquired Through:
Symbiosis with a -todo-
General Name
Related School
Exotic manifestation of the gate of apparition
Related Element
Extreme association to the wind element / Extreme association to the earth element
Effect Duration
It is a perpetual state.
As long as the world is liking you, it will be at your aid.
As far as their positive influence reaches.

Body Alterations

The voice of all and reciever of everything undergoes vast physical, but not visible alterations. While normal beings have only 5 senses possess Omnilingualist a stunning amount of 129 senses to communicate with the world. But nobody will ever notice that change as nobody can comprehend even one of these 124 additional senses.
"You really can feel the walls humming, lady Bisfourth?
And they tell you that I was a well-behaved butler-bold?
Aww, thanks walls, I will make sure to clean you nicely.~"

Butler Evamal


"An omnilingualist like her is basically invincible if you target only her.
Find out her emotional attachments, cause the Queen to do something the unliving can't predict fast enough.
Render her deaf to their warnings.
And only then strike her down!"

Instructions for Opalclaw

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11 Dec, 2022 23:30

A very fascinating power. Obviously ranged- but how far? Is this the current Vronze in the story or the next one that causes Evamal to leave?

12 Dec, 2022 00:40

The queen in the story is the one mentioned here, Evamal‘s secret mother. Keep in mind how she handled here her splinter ritual and how Materra Zeil, the next queen, will when I get to that point.   As for how ranged it is. Lady Bisfourth is an one in a million exception, who was able to take the four winds granting her a perception that can outclass the omnipresent Terminus in some instances. The four winds are however not really ‚bound‘ to one person, which makes having them as allies difficult limiting the range of a normal omnilingualist to much less impressive degrees.

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Starfarer Theta
31 Dec, 2022 02:11

How useful it would be to become an omnilinguist able to receive answers to desired questions when asking the right questions. Being able to talk to a book must be a fascinating experience. However, having the right standing with a library could be tricky if one knows not what they do relative to others. Embarrassing as it is to admit, I've had that blindness in several situations. Sometimes it is due to unfamiliarity with the local customs, unfamiliarity with local expectations, and just out of plain stupidity. I bet the same can happen with the inanimate objects around us. Now I wonder if surprise avalanches are in truth premeditated. Nah, I'm overthinking this. Need to learn more about this "Veil" to better check my understanding. - Nemo, World Traveler