The arcadian Automaton

Temporal gateway to unlock knowledge

„The arcane automaton is a peculiar case.
As with most arcane species, we only know the bare essentials about their origins and purpose.
We were able to track down the kind of magic that resonates with them after many experiments trying to force-create one of them.
It seems that they are consisting out of arcane matter mist compressed together in these mechanical beings.
But this is where the strange phenomenons are starting to pile up. What is its purpose? Why are they looking like robots and acting like such until finding a master? Their body seems to be metallic and is metallic but when analysed they resemble more flesh then machine.
A mystery we are trying to solve.”
Mauze Tung


The arcane automatons were around since the beginning of the trackable history.
Nobody knows why they are there and why they, with all the other arcane species, are not born naturally, but through a natural phenomenon, simply called the “Veil” by arcanists.
Where there is condensed matter-energy around an automaton can form itself out of thin air. But the creation is also highly dependent on the source of the energy; means in a forge there will appear another subspecies than in for example a laboratory.




The most common automatons to be found in the wild are those, who are just called “Cogs” by everybody. Easy to point out as the majority of their backside is covered in gearwheels supporting the movement of the automaton.
They have no special abilities that make them usable in any special way: Average strength, slow movement, and a high need for regular maintaining of their clockwork. But what they don’t possess in skills they counterweight easily with their emotional skillset. No automaton is as compassionate, friendly, and loyal as Cogs are. Their nature and soothing aura render them to being often taken on by innkeepers, bartenders, psychologists, and physicians as Cogs really are blooming up when being able to help others and be appreciated for doing so.
In case of emergency, Cogs possess the ability to go into overdrive to protect their loved ones. Through allowing their cogs to cut loose removing any limiters they can hurl tons and increase their movement by an impressing amount for a short time. The heat produced by the cogs in this state however is quite dangerous for the automaton.
Automaton Cog Final Version back.png
Rømana by Soulwing98
After a minute they start losing control over their body and if they are continuing to push on their consciousness not soon after as well. Without imminent cooling down and tending to those self-inflicted wounds they could die not soon after from the backlash.

Cogs are appearing everywhere, where low-level Matter arcana without any particular theme gets produced. Unlike others, they actively seek from their birth on someone to call their master, as without proper assistance their lifespan lasts only a year top.



The strongest of them all, the pneumatic automaton. Their tiny bodies are in no way comparable to their enormous strength; without breaking a sweat they can hurl things 3000 times their own weight.
This extraordinary power renders them to be highly asked in construction work to the point that many working there, who can afford the additional person in their life, underwent a soul-bonding with one of them.
They, however, tend to develop a superiority complex if not educated properly.

The most prominent example of one gone wrong is Ettora, the slaver queen:
Bad influence and a lack of developing a moral compass within her rendered her to be one of the most dangerous and self-focussed individuals of the underground.
She will surely cut loose if her master ever happens to die or get hurt in any way or performance.
Pneumatic beauty.png
Ettora by Soulwing98
Less dependent than Cogs in terms of maintaining their body, they are from the day of their forming on lone wanderers without any ambitions.
Not actively seeking to bond, they however deeply appreciate those assisting them in providing them with goals to follow. But don’t try to give them too much appreciation as they will try to carry everything for you, no matter the weight.
And if they happen to fail, they will literally get crushed by their own ambitions.

Pneumatics are appearing in places, where heavy machinery gets used tainting the Veil with matter mist leaking of raw power: Mines, Construction sites and vehicle factories to name a few.



Cyber automatons are as rare as they are mysterious. Their body is oversaturated with high-class matter magic allowing Cybers to form and reform their entire body at will.
Not only that, they can even reprogram their genetical code to such a degree, that they could become a living flame or impersonate a humanoid up to the distinct stench.
This special body of them causes, however, more issues than solutions, especially to a Cyber’s psyche. Up until they find a master to act as an anchor to the real world, they don’t have a body they can call their own. Over their new master's soul link they reach into their view of them, their desires and wishes and form their metallic body after that blueprint.
The body, that gets created that way, will then be considered their true body by the Cyber. The link is crucial to those automatons, as it ends a life of no identity, a constant crisis they can’t hold out for too long before getting dangerously unstable ending in an unavertable death.
Scifi Automaton.png
Avery by Soulwing98

To create a Cyber automaton the Veil has to be oversaturated with matter traces of ingenious ideas, willpower, and ground-breaking thoughts.
Considering the high density needed the only known birthing place of them is the science fair on Scamall, that gets arranged by Lady Notitia once every 20 years.



Furnaces are a peculiar case. One might think that a being, that has a stove as her heart and fire as hair would be resistant against said element and especially useful for work in hot areas, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Furnaces hate the heat, they despise dry air. Their flame is their heart and it is the only source of heat that they can bear.
Furnace automatons eat by sucking cold out of the aether around them turning it into fuel for their body.
The chillier their surroundings the warmer and happier they get.

The flame of a furnace is a magical flame; they are able to control it like an extra limb. They even feel with their flame.
If the link between a furnace and their partner is powerful enough, they can even remove the harmful abilities for their partner and those close to them.
Hérou furnace automaton.png
Hérou by Soulwing98
A desirable state, as they love it when their flaming hair gets caressed.
Adventurers use that state of trust to let their partner engulf them in a protective suit of fire harming everybody they are supposed to harm.
Furnaces are often seen as partners of adventurers, who explore mainly the cold areas of Prius or the poles. Outside of colder areas, you can only encounter them pretty sparsely.

There is, however, a huge issue with their pressing weakness against fire and heat in general: The circumstances that have to be met for the birth of a furnace are; A place, where powerful matter and fire arcana gets left behind.
For example a huge scale smelter, blacksmith, or blast furnace facility.
This, however, means that those automatons are incredibly weak and powerless until they manage to escape the hellhole they got formed into. Heatstroke is the first thing they experience and often the last thing as well.



Some say Freezers are the best kind of automaton, one can have as a partner.
They have no issues with their identity, no risk of getting themselves killed of pride or carelessness and are easy to handle.
Even their abilities are as versatile as the water, that is their flesh. You could say that they are, what everybody could seek as familiar to join forces with.
If not for their personality.

Yes, the Freezer’s personality issue.
While the others grow with the link to their partner, getting more multifaceted in their personality, learning new ways of living, learning to dream and wish the Freezer doesn’t. They are autonomous individuals, who undergo exactly the opposite metamorphosis under the influence of a soul binding.
Automaton Freezer Full Iced.png
Thilarie by Soulwing98
Losing the unique personality they strangely have since their birth changing slowly into a loyal companion without free will or compassion.
They seem to have gotten initially constructed by the veil for the exact opposite reason than any other automaton: To be used as a weapon and as nothing more.
In their many generations on Prius Freezers got as close to a species of their own as no other arcane species before. Forming small groups of their own, living in a secluded society, but offering their assistance in any possible case temporarily for those, who desire it.

But that doesn’t mean, that they are missing the natural urge of an automaton to bind their soul to someone. They try to reject it, but if they happen to like someone too much, they can’t help themselves but ask for it, clearly knowing the possible repercussions.
The worst thing that could happen that the partner doesn’t know about the fact and accepts the proposal only to realize at a given day, that they actively hurt and destroyed a friend that way.

Freezers have perfect control over their “flesh”; they can harden their skin to ice, use water whips and much more. As long as the ice core is intact, they are nearly unstoppable.
Even broken limbs are no issue that way. There are recordings of a freezer automaton with two broken legs, who used their water body to essentially replace them.

Freezers get formed, where there is a powerful mist of matter arcana with traces of water, usually in places like pump stations, waterworks, or dams. They will always keep a small part of the water of their birthing place frozen inside their ice core.
This “magical” personal water is important for them, as losing it means losing their ability for bending water until after a pilgrimage back to their place of creation refilling their broken heart.



Those little bundles of energy are known to give even Accelors a run for their money. They might not be able to achieve the same top speed, but their lack of need for a constant flow of food allows Voltages to keep their top speed for a long period.
But even they need then and when a recharge; for them in form of battery acid and polishing of their inner body of all the radioactive remains their body is producing while going overdrive. Voltage automatons are refusing to use the speed part of their electricity powers until they find a master
Tess electricity automaton.png
Tess by Soulwing98
to link themselves towards, who is able to handle taking care of the radioactive poison.
As this junk is slowly killing them as well it is a sign of a strong bond if Voltage’s are using their top speed to protect or assist their partner.
Voltage automatons are usually seen to be bound to messengers, managers or Accelor sorcerers.

The electricity of Voltage’s might be dangerous for all, but that is only the case if they are actually using their speed. The normal current flowing through their body is harmless and if trained in that regard, even beneficial. They love to give shock therapies and energizing massages and can even use their powers to act as a defibrillator in dangerous situations. Also, try to provide them with their acid regularly or they will suck out all your electrical gadgets if not raised properly in manners.

The birthing pool of the electrical automaton is anywhere, where the arcana Matter and Air are mattering. Means power plants of any sort as well as everything regarding the electricity support of the country, like substations, to name a few.
Voltages are seen as a pest, as they tend to sabotage their place of birth to receive their life-giving shock; the jolt, that kickstarts their body until their demise.
As the completion of the creation of a Voltage is usually in tandem with a blackout, they are called by the authorities: “Bug”.
Manifestation of wild arcane matter magic.
Highly dependant of their partner (Their lifespan + 1 - 20 years)
Average Height
Cog: 0.9 - 1.5 m   Pneumatic: 1 - 1.6 m   Cyber: 0.8 - 1.2 m   Furnace: 0.7 - 1.0 m   Freezer: 1.1 - 1.7 m   Voltage: 0.7 - 0.9 m
Average Weight
Cog: 15 - 25 kg   Pneumatic: 20 - 30 kg   Cyber: 15 - 20 kg (Normal)   Furnace: 10 - 15 kg   Freezer: 5 - 10 kg (No ice)   Voltage: 5 - 8 kg

Master - Benefactor

“You seem lost little automaton.
Have you a place?
Somewhere to go?
Anybody on your side?
No? This is sad, awfully sad.
Wait, don’t go!
I may have an idea, but you have to let me speak to you.
You know I feel lost as well, maybe not as much as you, but it is still an awful feeling.
And I can’t stand to see you in this state as well.
How about this?
You join up with me and we will find a purpose for us together?
Sounds good?
What? Your name?
What a beautiful name.
I have no name, at least not anymore.
I go however now by a pseudonym that got written into my soul; 'Roamer'.”
The Roamer, mercenary
An automaton is a useful companion for many purposes.
They need no food besides specific fuel or care, are thanks to their mechanical bodies blessed with a nearly endless pool of endurance and are highly dependent allies one can count on.
But keep in mind that a band with one of them is a pact for a lifetime and beyond. Under one's helm, they will form themselves a unique personality loosely based on their master's one mixed with their surroundings.
Based on how one takes care of them, they will either grow into a friend for a lifetime or into a tool of selfishness. Their choice of the master will be their rise and downfall.
Based on this relationship the automatons will determine their purpose after their master's death carefully.
If they felt loved and appreciated, they will do anything to keep up their masters legacy following in their dreams and aiming to finish dreaming them.
If they, however, experienced none of this automatons will slowly start to deteriorate, slowly rusting and dying unless a new purpose emerges that they find worthy continue living for.

An automatons lifetime is equivalent to how useful they feel themselves. If no further usage is gained from their existence their will to continue living vanishes as well witch ends in them eventually booting down forever.

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