Spearhead (fka) Lanstein (a.k.a. The crimson Menace)

The screams and beggings of her people were still ringing in Lanstein's audio sensors, and that still a long time after they all died out. They weren't prepared for what happened in the last hours. Etherium broke its mantra and invaded her country Nemthi overnight with overwhelming force. With tanks and advanced weaponry, they rolled over the country shooting at anything that moved while laughing and taunting her people. Destroying everything she vowed to protect. Wiping out her unit, the 'Spearhead', without second thoughts. Lanstein was sure, that not one of her Freezer friends could have survived that point-blank assault by General Field Marshal Ingratus Fide's elite unit. They tried to shield those, they vowed to protect. They stood not a chance, not even in the slightest.
Lanstein felt pain jolting through her metallic body, she got shoved out of the blast radius by her commander and seemingly survived because of that. Lanstein tried to stand up, but her screaming legs weren't reacting to her commands. With her pink eyes flimmering she looked to the side and found herself looking at a splinter part of her knee. Lanstein's weak, metallic voice rose in the dead silence of the aftermath of the invasion:

"Here I am laying now. . .useless and broken.
I survived my end, but like that, now without my band,
my last words might have already been spoken."

Lanstein didn't really care about her skinny legs, even less now, but the awful feeling of her life slipping away caused her to panic. She looked up and down to her chest to spot her core being shattered and broken; the water of her birthing place was leaking out. Fear rose in her as she tried to find anything to seal the cracks before her life slipped away for good. Automatically her eyes and other working senses were scanning the area in search for anything to stop the inevitable.
Dry. There was nothing of moisture to manipulate. Nothing but. . .no!
He was too young to die, but Lanstein felt liquid leaking out of that unfortunate civilian. Blood...a sacrilege, she vowed to never harness and manipulate. But her self preservation instinct was stronger. With a greedy thought, she connected her consciousness through the ever so slightly moisture in the air with the corpse sucking out all its blood in an instance. A ball of blood was now hovering over her body descending slowly onto her core. When the red liquid touched her core, the corruption was overwhelming her every thought. Lanstein solidified the blood leaking through the cracks sealing shut her core. But the damage was already done. The few droplets of blood that were now inside her core were mixing themselves with her formerly pure essence. Her purple eyes became lilac as the new lifeblood was pulsating through her skeletal body and her mind grew dark. She tried to fight, but that was a fight she was unable to win. Lanstein let the rest of the blood bubble crawling down to her pelvis, where it then leached out blindly in all directions reclaiming the scattered parts of her legs, that didn't get pulverized. Lanstein stood up on her new bloody limbs and looked to the sky, clenching her fists. Everybody got killed by an act of injustice, an act of terror and without sense. They have to pay. Everyone has to pay; Etherium has to pay:

"Had to lend the blood of my late friend to survive;
will harvest the blood of my enemies to seek revenge.
Vengeance for my kin is now my drive;
the sin that has been done I will avenge.
!! Bloodshed. . .ahead !!"

Mental characteristics


Before the Corruption:
Lanstein was a revered member of the Spearheads, where she occupied the role of a combat medic guarding her fellow freezers and aiding those she vowed to protect with her special tailored aqua-suit. Enhanced with the veil of life, her liquid was able to close even the deepest wounds. While Lanstein was not the most well-known of the group of mercenaries, her caring and loving nature was something exceptional. Always a joyous rhyme on her vocal cords Lanstein's presence was appreciated by many.
With the destruction of the Spearheads and Lanstein being the sole survivor of her group, she went crazy under the corruptive influence of the blood and twisted the mantra of her allies into a slaughter pact of her trying to protect the innocent by snuffing out every possible danger, that she got across. Mainly operating in the port city Laeston Lanstein cleans up the filth in the veil of the night...with the filth being everybody, who is attending business in nighttime or just goes for a walk.
"Laeston is cursed!
Each end every night more corpses get found in the side streets of the city, devoid of their blood, which got splattered all around the place of murder.
The police is completely clueless; there is no evidence present of a motive, the victims follow no pattern and there are no aftershocks going out from the vile act of evil.
None at all!"

Mental Trauma

Having to seal up her core with the blood of one, she vowed to protect, had quite the impact on Lanstein's psyche. While the corruption alone caused her mind to get clouded with evil thoughts and the axis of her mental compass shifted into pure chaos; Was she at one point friendly to those Lanstein met, she could accuse them of the worst in the blink of an eye.
To guard those, Lanstein deemed important to her, Lanstein left the east coast of Nemthi and wandered aimlessly into the south until arriving in Laeston. While she was to this point still partially in control, the PTSD of her failing everyone and surviving the shame cost her not soon after all that was left of her morals. The corruption took over and the smell of blood suddenly felt more desirable than ever. A smell, that was needed to cover up the smell of guilt evaporating from her core; Lanstein's bloodied heart.
Feral by night and regretful and ashamed of herself at day.
Current Location
Year of Birth
4900 AD 98 Years old
Biological Sex
Neutral (female)
Skin Tone
chromatic silver
3'05" / 93 cm
17.64 lbs / 8 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
"By the might of my ability, I will vow to keep you all as healthy as can be!
Please enjoy a tasty tea, the spearheads will guard you against any vile hostility!"

"You think you can save me? ME!? Impossible! Run, better run away as long as I am still in control or else.
Hi. You are still here?
You had your chance to lend me an die!"


While only using rhymes occasionally before her corruption, the current Lanstein completely embraced the theme.
Mainly using rhymes of calm ABBA structure, she shifts to more difficult structures, when excited.
Changing up her game to ACBBAC or even weirder structures.
While Lanstein herself is in control, she refrains from using any rhymes to use any second of clarity to its fullest.


  While there was still a motive and overall goal in her murderous actions, that motive got lost not soon after, when the corruption worsened more and more. While in blood rush she slays all that moves over her way as everybody is a sinner.
"Another sinner purged.
Leaston, you can sleep soundly tonight.
Just thank your reddish knight.
My trophy will be good,
adding to me a piece of your blood.
We will be forever merged."

Cover image: by Vertixico
Character Portrait image: Lanstein by Soulwing98


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