Grasp of the masterful

The Book of Creativity

"I could swear that my sword was moments ago still on my belt. Someone stole it! With the hilt? No...only the hilt. Why is my sword laying on the ground?"
A confused bandit
A detailed sketch of a hilt drawn on a blank page of a book in a reddish leathery cover. A gloved hand reaches into the page, the page begins to ripple as if the surface is a water place. The hand vanishes, then it gets suddenly pulled back. The mysterious figure looks over at the unsuspecting bandit. The hilt of his sword suddenly gets erased out of existence appearing instead in the man's hand. He grits his teeth, the sword didn’t disappeared as well...
  "The next one has to hit", the man grumbles. He focusses the face of the bandit.
His mechanical eye quickly scanned the surface sending the data to his brain. With quick, precise strokes the man sketches down the face of the bandit, who is searching now for his hilt. A dangerous grin, then the hand plunges again into the book pulling out a thick layer of skin. The bandit begins to scream, holding his hands in front of the place, where five seconds before his face still resided. The man begins sprinting taking the ornated blade laying on the ground: "This is mine, you thief!" As quick as the stranger appeared as fast he vanished again in the thicket.  

Material & Construction

The reddish leather of the book emits a strange warmth as if the item itself is alive.
  The single paper of the page looks and feels like ordinary glass but acts like paper.
It interacts strangely with the holder's hand when a sketch is drawn upon.
The surface ripples allowing the hand to pass through.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Book of Creativity works pretty straightforward. When bound to the soul of a holder, it allows the user to pull objects out of the fabric of space.
But to achieve that a few steps have to be taken first.
  Step 1:
Sketch the item you desire to get down into the book. The more detailed you get the more likely it is that you get the thing you are thirsting after. Be in a range of 30 meters toward the desired object.
  Step 2:
Reach into the page and grab the piece you desire. It gets simply erased out of existence and appears in your hand. Caution. Don't draw things that can not fit through the book, they will be lost forever.
    There are records of an individual, who used the Book of Creativity in combination with the X-ray vision provided by the allseing Eye.
This particular assassin drew the bones of his victims pulling them right out of their bodies.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Holder
Subtype / Model
Related Condition
The Grasp of the masterful is part of a collection of cursed, one of a kind, books able to influence the living world.
Their origins are unknown and their holders are mostly keeping them a secret, due to their questionable powers.
15 x 22 x 2.5 cm
Base Price
Cant be measured

Cover image: by Vertixico


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