Charm // Attraction

"The goships are no more, the royal family got assassinated in cold blood by Nemthi.
Scorzosa should drown in chaos running around like a beheaded Speasel in their last breaths, but no...nothing of that is happening. These night Elves have quickly found a new personality to re-unify their fighting spirit once more.
Warlord Gep'shis Klautsh rose out of the pyre using his unnatural charm to bewitch the scared country following his voice of induced reason."

General Field Marshal Ingratus Fide

Charm // Obedience

Hermosics are by design captivating. Their voice is entrancing, their smells bewitching and their body fluids appear to be enhanced with usually weak, but sometimes even strong aphrodisiacs. Don't attempt to kiss one of these sorcerers if you are not trusting yourself to resist falling for that arcane charm.
Hermosics are born negotiators, able to use a multitude of ways to influence the situation strengthening their party's interests. But don't worry, most only dab slightly into that ability to boost their confidence letting it drop after passing the initial hurdle.
But charm is dangerous, especially if the user wants to go down the malicious way to control, force obedience using everything they got to wrap someone around their finger. They tend to aggressively flirt with the victim until their mental and physical advancements bear fruits and the poor soul fell prey to their spell.
"Lady Edith Extus had a change of heart it seems.
Wasn't she a burning follower of the late queen's desire to achieve peace between Nemthi and Scorzosa?
Why is she now seen together with Sir Klautsh supporting his warmongering speeches with her voice?
The last barricade against total war fell and I am afraid of what happens next.

Citizen of Scorzosa

Pheromones // Hallucinations

If you are aware of a Hermosic in your midst, think about wearing a filter mask, preventing their pheromones from reaching you. Their abilities are based purely on their ability to 'infect' you with their pheromones getting easy access into your psyche and being able to soften you up with arcane means. These sorcerers gamble everything on not revealing their abilities at all costs, if they are found out, the natural distrust against them makes it much more difficult to affect their opposites.
If you are inhaling a small dose of their pheromones, you will be susceptible to their actions, but can still fight the influence.
A high dose however is dangerous. You will experience hallucinations supporting the Hermosic's advancements. They will appear irresistible to your eyes, you feel a desire to make them happy by all means possible. You became their prey.

Love // Passion

While Hermosics are extremely dangerous in politics, they are equally as desired in other craftsmanships. Hermosic lovers or escorts are a trill one has to experience to comprehend fully. The willingness of their targets to fall for their arcane abilities renders the experience a wonderful one, a play of lovely smells and desirable colours, a massage for body and soul elevating you into a state of true bliss. A state that can get addictive if you are not careful, hence why Hermosic escorts follow the strict rulings to deny their arcane skills to those being still under their spell the day after.
Aquired Through
Symbiosis with a -todo-
General Name
Related School
Common manifestation of the gate of apparition
Related Element
Strong association to the Wind element / mediocre association to the Fire element
Effect Duration
If successful in the first place the flame of passion needs to get fed regularily or the effect will be lost.
Effect Casting Time
As long as the user needs to subdue the target to their will and desire.
Touch > smell > audio > vision: The more up close and Personal the more ones arcane charm assists.


As it is usually the case, becoming a Hermosic through Symbiosis comes in tandem with minor, sometimes major, alterations to ones body's properties.
In the case of the arcane charm, this takes place in a full restructuration of all body odours and fluids of the user rendering the users body into a pleasant experience. Some claim that they got physically more beautiful as well, however, the influence of the symbiosis on one's physique remains unconfirmed.
It is much more likely, that Hermosics develop an inner urge to become as beautiful as their new body properties suggest them to be, to not suffer from unearned success harming themselves.
"Yes, yes, I know.
But I want to earn my new abilities properly.
Gonna lose a few more kilos first.
Otherwise, it feels like cheating, and that bothers my psyche gravely, so let me train."

New Hermonic

Notice at the entrance to the moondistrict

Hermosics of Gemenskap are required to visibly show their powers with the accessory that got agreed on by the rulings of the district.
To prevent growing addictions every visitor to the district has to carry a certified tracker with them counting the times they were in direct influence of a Hermosic.

If anybody feels grave aftereffects, our medical bay will help prevent lasting addictions, we urge you to use this offer!

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6 Apr, 2022 05:19

Good article with a fascinating power. Consider supplementation with bardic/ musician skills to become a Siren to begile and enchant with song or music. Inspire not just desire and lusts, but fury and anger, confidence or fear.

6 Apr, 2022 06:38

Definitely a possibility with such a captivating voice. ^^

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I am so glad you think that. I try to spread in some logic into my magic so that it doesn’t feel as deus ex machina.   Glad it worked out ^^

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