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Kingsmaker is a science fantasy setting set on the planet Prius.
Many millennia ago the gods descended and took the fate of Prius in their own hands. They created a society where science is everything and magic while being tolerated, is treated as a necessary evil. The regulators in this society and those in direct favour of the gods deem themself as higher beings as they are keeping their mind in a pure form and not letting any magic taint their souls. This elitist community calls themselves „purists“.

Quite a few countries averted themself from the Eternal Counsel in the past few millennia trying to claim their independence from the etherium realm. While not many succeeded to gain their independence they were allowed to create a society and history of their own resulting in many distinct magic-centric empires.

“The terrain is trembling. Long forgotten foes are trying to rise up again, urging to regain what got taken from them by us. The coming millennium will be an interesting one I think. I just hope the signs are not a fluke and will entertain me. Bring it on!“