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When hope is all but faded away, and the tracks of the tyrannts iron boot seem too deep to climb out from, a virtuoso is often not far away. These songstresses and songsters live for the thrills, the sweet fragrance of adventure and of freedom above all.   Unlike ordinary performers and bards, who seek to sing their ancient tales of praise and luster to bring forth succor, a virtuoso lives out the tales by adorning themselves the mask and mantle of old heroes and gods.   Ever hunted by the bloodhounds of the corrupt, unfair and sinister has however dwindled their numbers and made it hard for a virtuoso to stay long in one place. Hence the virtuoso most often pose as a common adventurer, traveler or vagrant. Those who refuse to hide among the populace often band together to form groups of resistance fighters, like the prominent Cult of Valence.   Masked and caped, with a blade in one hand and a rose or bare flaunting fingers in the other, the virtuoso clashes with their foes by channeling the spirits of the crowd. With agility like an alleycat and a galant dance of blades, most seek not to kill their enemies but to amaze the grunts, while inspiring fear and ridicule into their leaders. Through seduction, subterfuge and grand display, they diminish the zeal and cool the hearts of their foes, while in the soul of common people they inspire bravery, hope and morale. Although their abilities are most often used for the betterment of society, there are yet sirens and snakes that would use their gift from the great romancer Valence for their own personal gains.
Base career: Rogue
Specialized career: Bard
Elite career: Virtuoso
Rapiers/One-handed blades   Etc:
Domain: Peregon/Goldburg
Type: Close-range/melee Control/DMG

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