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Moskovar {language}

Most of the people in Moskova speak Moskovar, a language that had been influenced by languages of a lot of cultures but maintaining its uniqueness. Each region and many ethnicities got itheir own accent and dialect featuring words from other cultures or even new words in their slang but them all are intelligible.  

Common phrases

Moskovar language got several idioms, proverbs, curses and curious phrases that catch foreigners' attention. Here's a collection of some of the most common ones.



Я живу на твоей спине Ya zhivu na tvoyey spine "I live in your back" "I would be nothing without you."/"Thanks to you i'm alive"/"Thanks for being yourself."
Сохранить розы! Sokhranite rozi "Keep all the roses!" "I'm not dead yet, guys / I'm still alive."
Не гони лошадей Ne goni loshadyey   "Don't rush the horses" "Don't be such in a rush!"
Руки не доходят! Ruki ne dokhodyat!   "The arms don't reach" "I don't have enough time for doing this all!"
не стригите верблюда Ne stringite verbliuda "Don't shear a camel" "Don't lie/exaggerate/make up a unbelievable story for justifying yourself."   *Something funny is that shearing a camel is not actually impossible but the phrase is strongly rooted.
последний верблюд получает самую большую нагрузку posledniy verblyud poluchayet samuyu bol'shuyu nagruzku   "The last camel gets the biggest load" This phrase can be used in different situations with two different meanings. The first meaning is used as a "punishment " for people who "came last" because they're slow and scared to do something or because they end getting loaded by all the hardest work to do. The second meaning is "nicer" and is used for rewarding someone whose perseverance made complete a tough and heavy task/race , no matter the time spent on it.
превратить снежок в нуранги prevratit snezhok v nurangi   "Turn a snowball into an avalanche " Basically, Moskovar version of "make a mountain out of a molehill".
брудна вода неподвижная вода brudna voda nepodvizhnaya voda.   "Dirty water is still being water" When there is a need, no objection is made.
вовки приходять ночью vovky prikhodyat' noch'yu "Wolves come at night" Bad things happen during messy or hard-to-monitor circumstances.
когда форель поднимается на гору kogda forel' podnimayetsya na goru "When the trout climbs a mountain" It’s something you say to convey that it’s never going to happen.
warning: explicit curse content
иди и закрой свою задницу (idi I zakroy Savoy zadnitsyu) "Go and close your ass"
A vulgar way of saying "Go to Hell!" and "Shut up!"

Localized idioms

  These are some remarkable phrases from the slang of an specific city or ethnicity.  


    да пребудут с тобой звезды (da prebudut s toboy zvezdy): This phrase translates as "May the stars be with you" and is related to the traditional "worshipping " of stars. It is like a blessing as is means "Good luck", "Have faith and You're gonna make it through" or "Have a good and prosperous riddance ".   демоны питаются разбитыми сердцами (demony pitayutsya razbitymi serdtsami): Translated as "Demons feed on broken hearts" is a phrase related to how Demons can use dark feelings as a weapon and it states something like "evil people enjoy when they see you falling and not getting up". Is used for encouraging people.     Warning: explicit curse content
ты даже не можешь убить ежа, показывая голую задницу (ty dazhe ne mozhesh' ubit' yezha, pokazyvaya goluyu zadnitsu): This phrase means "You can't even kill a hedgehog by showing your naked ass" and is used as a very vulgar and offensive way of telling someone who believes to be better than anyone else not that great. It is forbidden to say this before children.

Ulan Shang Kov

не ползать по стенам кремля (ne polzati po stenam kremlya): This phrase can translate as "don't crawl up the Kremlin's walls" and means something like "don't try to prove/find something even you know you won't prove/find". It also can be used as "don't be that pretentious".
  • A derivation of this one is "[someone] likes to crawl up the Kremlin's walls" and it refers to pretentious people.
наступить на мой ковер! (Nastupit' na moy kover!): Literally, "step on my carpet!" Is a kind way of saying someone is welcomed in your house.

Writing System

There are records of the usage of three different alphabets in Moskovar. The Moskovar alphabet which is considered the "standard" one which got some influence of Hellenistic alphabet, the Roman one, and an ancient folk alphabet named Gladolin which is not too used but is still existing. The most used one is the Moskovar one.

Standard Moskovar Alphabet

Capital Letter Letter
А а
Б б
В в
Д д
Г г
Ь ь
Ъ ъ
Ы ы
Х х
Ж ж
Ш ш
Щ щ
Ч ч
Ц ц
Е е
Ё ё
И и
Й й
К к
Л л
М м
Н н
О о
П п
Р р
С с
Т т
У у
Ф ф
Э э
Ю ю
Я я


40 Words.
Spoken by

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22 Jan, 2021 01:11

Interesting collection of idioms - I like it! Not often you see snow and camel sayings from the same culture, though I don't know the geography, climate, or history of these people.

Gege Escriva
22 Jan, 2021 02:07

Thank you so much! I appreciate a lot that you liked it :) Yes! is something pretty curious, results of having a large country with too many biomes. If you'd like to read more about the geography, there's a an article about it (which i linked wrong because i had an earlier stub on the same subject):

Organization | Apr 25, 2022

The Kingdom of Moskova,also known as Empire of Moskova ,Tsardom of Moskova and so-called Golden Eagle's Domains is the country where the story of "Seeking for the Lost Northern Stars" takes place.

22 Jan, 2021 12:48

I love all the different idioms you've created. They're really unique and give a great insight into the culture. I think my favourite is 'when the trout climbs the mountain'. :D

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22 Jan, 2021 15:41

Thank you so much! :) I'm glad you liked it! I had fun writing them, that one is one of my favorites alongside "may the stars be with you"

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Great idioms here! The one that struck me the most was "Demons feed on broken hearts". This sounds like an excellent line for a novel ;)

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Thank you a lot :D I agree :)

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25 Jun, 2021 06:17

I will have to reference this page when on the Moskova Discord! :)

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25 Jun, 2021 20:57

This is a very cool article! I really enjoyed reading through it. Adding the letters of the alphabet at the end was also a good, simple (but often forgotten) part of the language too! Great job. :)

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