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The Portsbury Tramway

The Portsbury Tramway is a small light railway that serves the villages of Portsbury, Witterheim and Eisenfeild. It also has an intermediate station at Angelwood Harbor for connecting services for the National Network (Etorean National Railways - Shown In Grey) and the Kinlyne Narrow Gauge Railway (Shown In Blue) & the Valhall & Witterheim Railway (Shown In Dark Green). The Portsbury Tramway is shown In Dark Red.


No. 1 Foster, Gardener & Company LTD Works No. 407 / 1899 'Sans Pareil'
No. 2 Wood, Perkins & Company Class S1 0-6-0T Works No. 609 / 1919 'Connie'
No. 3 LB&SCR A1 Class (Formerly No. 49 'Bishopsgate') 'Portsbury'
No. 4 NER C56 Class 0-6-0T (Formerly No. 348 'Minerva') 'Billy Bridger'
No. 5 NER C56 Class 0-6-0T (Formerly No. 349 'River Henwick') 'Invicta'
Armoured Locomotive No. 3 / 'Wölfin' - On trial runs (25 July 1942 - 1 August 1942)
Wagons / Coaches:
3x 4-Wheel Coaches (built by The Royal Knightsbridge Carriage & Wagon Company)
1x 6-Wheel Coach (built by The Royal Knightsbridge Carriage & Wagon Company)
2x Goods Vans (Owned by W. Bernard & Sons Ironmongers)
5x Goods Vans
1x LB&SCR Milk / Fruit Van (Purchased 3rd Hand)
3x 7 Plank Wagons
2x AS&K Type TT9 Road Van (Purchased for M250)
1x GE&SER Goods Brake Van (AS&K Type C14)


"...Not very long ago, in the bottom left-hand corner of Etorea, there was a railway. It wasn't a very long railway or a very important railway, but it was called The Portsbury Light Railway Company LTD, and it was all there was."
In order to connect the isolated village to the rest of the country, 3 people (Miss Elisa Taylor, Proffessor Ebenezer Hefferman and Thomas Frye) went up to Redwick to get an act of parliament passed for a light railway. They were successful with their actions and managed to raise enough funds to buy 1 new 0-4-0 Tank Engine built to a 52 year old design (It was the cheapest) and from there construction began. Originally the line did not have an intermediate station as there was no traffic for the trains to stop there (other than postal trains). This changed when W. Bernard & Sons Ironmongers opened in Witterheim. Alot of the tools for Angelwood Harbor (I.E Longshoremen's Hooks, Oil Cans) were manufactured in the small town.
At the start of the great war the rail line and the towns it served helped to move coal and other materials around the clock to aid the troops fighting in France, this act was seen by the monarch (Queen Emma Walton I) and she personally visited the railway and gifted them a 3rd steam locomotive. Her private coach can still be found on the railway. Because of their service to the country (them exporting from 2 ports 24 hours per day) the railway was earmarked for preservation.
During WWII, the Germans left the line alone as they thought that is was not worth their time to do anything about it. Because of this the Etorean Resistance decided that it would be the perfect place for test runs for the Armoured Steam Locomotive No. 3 'Wölfin', the closest thing that the Nazis had to worry about nearby it was Fort Pritchard (Named after General Charles Pritchard). This is where the Resistance got the armourment for the train (2x 6 Poumder 57mm guns, 4x M1909 Hotchkiss Machine Guns, 2x Lewis Guns and several small arms).
Founding Date
Friday, 1st December 1899
Corporation, Transportation
Alternative Names
The Portsbury Light Railway Company

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