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Early Etorean Steam Locomotives

This is a collective list of the steam locomotives built in Etorea before it's first public railway was opened in 1845.
The Stoneby Locomotives (The most famous of all the early Etorean steam locomotives):
(1805) Simplicity - Derailed at Angelwood Harbour and fell into the North Sea (1841) - Fished out and restored ~1852.
(1807) Royal James - Scrapped, Turned into a stationary boiler.
(1811) Steam Tiger - Found 27th June 1876 after being abandoned in a coal mine.
(1814) Catch Me Who Can - Preserved, Now part of the national collection.
(1817) The Kingfisher - Sold to Morgan & Howells Coal Traders Company LTD ~1903 left in one of the mineshafts when the place was abandoned, ~1927 it was found and cut up for firewood.
Other Early Steam Locomotives:
(1808) Union - Nothing Known (I.E Build Date, Scrap Date), only designs are known.
(1827) Whitebury Fox - Pulled slate from the Prescott Slate Mines, Scrapped in 1850.

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