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Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Tales

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A long time ago, long before Sora's adventure in closing the road to Kingdom Hearts and the seekers of darkness, the ways of the keyblade were more widely spread. A man called the Master of Masters had five disciples, and these disciples became masters in their own rights. He instructed them that the end of the world was coming, and the only way to prevent it was to create their own groups to collect light, called Lux. Then he disappeared.   This is not that story.   The masters fought with one another. Union turned against Union. Master Ava created a group of promising wielders that would be put into stasis and rebuild the world after the final battle. And so the stage was set for the keyblade war.   But what about those who weren't attached to their Unions? Who saw no point in the fight, but also did not wish to abandon their friends, or to join the Dandelions. These wielders were told of another way to escape their fate. A secret way.   And so they began to travel to other worlds...

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