Doxian Bay

Beside the Dox Lake, the Doxian Bay area has been shrouded in perpetual half light for as long as anyone can remember. In the darkness lie monsters, and travelers must be wary.


Dox Lake

  The Dox Lake is the center point of the region, and the first thing anyone notices. Named after the dusk, the Dox Lake reflects the stars in its abyss. At over 80 thousand kilometers in size, few have sailed it full size, and none have seen the bottom. While fishing boats dot the coast, those who sail deeper sometimes never return.  

Starspun Forests

  Along the coasts and cliffs are the Starspun Forests. While the canopy is thick and blocks the sky, the forest still glitters with light from the moss its named for. The Starspun Forests are considered one of the safest areas above ground, and the moss is collected for streetlamps.  

Eventide Glades

Further from moister coasts are the Eventide Glades. The Starspun moss doesn't grow in the area, but the canopy is no less thick. None venture into this forest without a light source, even people who can see in the dark. It is said the monsters that raid the villages come from the depths of this forest.  


The biggest town in the region, Duskberg is mostly underground. The only things on the surface's cliffs are the lighthouse, and the military encampment meant to protect the town from monsters. Below are the caves, and the life of the city.  
  • The lighthouse: Bright enough to be seen from miles around, the lighthouse is said to be far older than the city. Some say it is a remnant from some ancient war against the dark, that if its light ever fades the town will fall to the monsters. Most agree that without the lighthouse, far fewer people would return home in general.
  • The docks: The cave opens up onto the cliffs, granting the inhabitants a beautiful view of the sunset. the bay entrance has been excavated over the years to make it safe for ships.
  • The markets: The true lifeblood of the town is its market, just a stone's throw from the docks. The halls are perpetually lit by warm lanterns strung along the ceiling; visitors rarely stray from these premises. Many stalls are manned by merchants who will only stay for a week before never being seen again, and odd knickknacks can be found if one takes the time to look.

The Cave Highways

As the surface is dangerous, residents have adapted by creating the cave highways, a fully underground series of trade routes and paths. While called the cave highways, only about a third of the tunnels are originally caves as people carved new paths and homesteads out of the rock. Many of the tunnels have a built in aqueduct fueled by the nearby lake, which is used to grow Starspun moss. This moss then provides a light-source that can't be blown out, or extinguished. While these main paths are safe, older and disused tunnels are the opposite. Its easy to get lost, and only locals know which tunnels lead to safety and which are claimed by the darkness.

Other Villages

Verge Village

A small farming village north of Duskberg. Around half the town is above ground, with as many homes as possible just beneath the surface.


Entirely underground, Dimmetville lies within one of the larger caverns east of Duskberg. The main cavern has an underground river which the the village fishes from.
Southeastern Nox Lake
Dox Lake
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Lake of the Lightless Depths

Starspun Forests
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Canopies of Stars


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