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The Fae

Basic Information


Because they come from the Archangels, the fae are able to change form in some ways. They are unable to change into a form outside of whatever humanoid form their fathers took on to interact with the mortal world, but they are able to make themselves smaller or larger as they feel the need or desire to. Those whose fathers used an archetype with wings typically also have wings and can fly if they so choose.

Genetics and Reproduction

The fae are unable to reproduce if they share the same Archangel origin, though not for lack of trying (incest is not a concept for them and few leave the community they live in, all members of which came into existence at the same time). Most potential offspring are not viable, possibly due to the parents being too closely related genetically. Only those with different Archangel fathers can reproduce, but doing so is rare. Most fae simply don't desire to be parents and therefore don't try to find others outside of their community. This lack of parental desire is possibly due to their father's reasons for their creation in the first place. Those who do desire to be parents are rare but are known to steal mortal children to satisfy their parental needs.

Growth Rate & Stages

The fae are born fully mature, emerging from the topsoil or vegetation once the moon's rays touch it. They are tiny, but are able to change their size at will. They are born knowing what they are, thanks to their father's divine knowledge. They then set about creating a safe, hidden place to live their lives, sometimes interacting with mortals and sometimes not. After about two hundred years, they begin to die. Unlike most beings, they are not reborn, nor do they gain access to Heaven like the Nephilim. Instead, they simply cease to be.

Ecology and Habitats

The fae will live anywhere they can exist safely, often in abandoned places or wooded areas where they remain small in size most of the time. Though rare, some will choose a larger body size and live in more urban areas.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The fae usually survive on plants and insects. Most processed foods in urban areas make them ill.


Most fae avoid mortals, but those who don't tend to be playful. They will also play tricks on mortals, sometimes resulting in injury to the mortal. The injury is not usually intentional, as the fae often don't understand what can harm a mortal. They have also been known to defend their communities from mortals who discover them, even if they don't intend to harm the community intentionally.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The fae tend to live in relative peace in their communities, with true equality between the members. No one fairy is in charge, but the community comes together to deal with issues, including the supply of food and determining what to do about mortals who have come close to discovering them or have already.

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Average Intelligence

Fae often inherit some divine knowledge, also known as grace, from their fathers. This makes most of them highly intelligent.

Civilization and Culture

Relationship Ideals

Most relationships among the fae are casual, as it is their nature to want intimacy. Some of the fae want more and may venture out into the mortal world to find mortal lovers. This is not an issue for most fae communities.


The first of the fae were created by accident. The Archangels knew how reproduction happened long before they were graced with the ability to father children. They determined that they could still enjoy sex with mortal women without fathering children if they simply spent themselves elsewhere. What they didn't expect was that, if this was done on the bare ground where rays of moonlight could touch it, fairies would be born.

When God learned of this, it was unhappy. The Archangels were not meant to spawn fairies. They were reprimanded and told to seek male lovers, of other forms of pleasure, if they didn't wish to father too many children. The fae, however, could not be destroyed as they were too good at hiding and evading capture.

Some of the Archangels continue to father more fae because God rarely pays attention to such things anymore.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
200 years
Conservation Status