"And then God, jealous that the angels were being worshipped as gods, graced the Archangels with the ability to father children with mortals in order to create a new race that could be controlled and guided to create new religions that cared only about God. Their ideas and their miracles were Earth-shattering and destructive."

Basic Information


The Nephilim take on the human characteristics of their mothers and appear with all characteristics of able-bodied mortal humans.

Genetics and Reproduction

Because of their human mothers, the Nephilim are able to reproduce, but few do. The children of those who do are completely mortal, but the angelic magic often passes down to some degree though the bloodline as generations pass.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Nephilim grow and age like mortal humans. The only unique aspect to their lives is that they have angels helping to raise them throughout their lives, guiding and teaching them in order to fulfill God's desires.

Biological Cycle

As Nephilim become adults, they begin working miracles and spreading messages about God taught to them by their angelic guides. After living a mortal lifetime devoted to this work, they shed their mortality at death and move on to Heaven, where they remain for eternity.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Nephilim are used explicitly to create and destroy monotheistic religions that focus only on God and no other deity. They are used to establish and further various religions through sparking violence and holy wars in order for one religion to ultimately win out. Few have escaped this fate.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Nephilim have appeared globally throughout time.

Average Intelligence

Due to being assisted and guided by angels throughout their lives, most Nephilim appear highly intelligent and often know things they have no business knowing.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All of the Nephilim have some level of magical ability granted to them through their fathers, the Archangels. These powers give them the ability to supposedly perform miracles and/or charm followers into joining them.

Civilization and Culture


When God discovered that early humans had begun worshipping the angels as gods themselves, God became jealous. In order to destroy these religions, God granted the Archangels the ability to father children with mortal women. This led to the Nephilim, who were used as prophets to ignite new religions that would worship only God, and those who would continue promoting and fighting for these new religions in holy wars and by committing other violences. Few have been able to escape this fate, though some have tried.

Common Myths and Legends

Nearly all monotheistic religions have their prophets and significant supporters who were Nephilim. Often the fact that they were not mortal humans goes unnoticed in religious histories and holy texts.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Human x Archangel
30-90 years