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Mortal Protection

Aamun is one of the Fallen, an angel banished from Heaven for loving the mortal world more than he loves God. Relegated to an eternity on Earth, he has chosen to spend his days continuing the work he was created for: protecting the mortal world from the ravishing of demons. As an agent of the Mortal Protection Agency he infiltrates corporations to find the evidence needed to topple corrupt management controlled by demons - both true demons and mortal ones.   Jake Sanford works at a big box store with the unassuming name of Smith's. In his short time there he has attempted to report multiple safety issues that have never been addressed. Frustrated and hoping to protect his fellow workers, he looks for help outside the company, not entirely sure it will do any good. Then Aamun starts working at the store and admits to being sent there to investigate all of Jake's complaints. Following every tip Jake gives him, Aamun sets about his undercover operation with the promise that his organization, the Workers' Protection Agency, will handle the management as soon as Aamun has enough evidence.   But finding out that his new friend is an ancient being of grace and power will utterly shatter everything Jake thought he knew about the world around him, and completely change his future.   CONTENT WARNINGS: Fatal workplace accidents, attempted sexual assault, worldbuilding elements based on Christian mythology that some may find objectionable
Published March 2023
Wordcount: 37,800