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Voice of the Monkey



The six continue their way to the island of the 47, on their trip they camp at a large lake rumored to be home to a dragon.   When Hóuzi sees something in the night, he screams loudly, which probably chased the dragon away. When they arrive in Shuidi and it turns out that the fishermen have not caught any fish for a while. Something on which the village survive on, Hóuzi immediately comes to the aid of the villagers.   But if he wants to help the villagers, he must learn to listen.  

Release date

August 2th 2023  

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Nathalia Publishing


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Nathalia Publishing

Natalia's publishing is the name Nathalia Books gives to her Indy work. Working at a kitchen table with a good cup of coffee, the books come together.

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About the author

Nathalia Books is a dreamer and turns these dreams into stories. Each with their own world and charm, she prefers to write all day long and she loves to forget the world around her. Her worlds take you to deserted places and unknown cities. She introduces you to unknown races and beliefs.


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