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The Disgraced

What is their code

The Disgraced are maybe assassins, but they are having a code. They will not kill anyone younger tan 20 years old. Because childeren are innocent. Or they will not kill unnecessary, they kill only if somebody pays them and their employers have a good reason to want the person death.

Who are the members

Otherwise, then the name intense, the members are not disgraced. The members are mostly members of villages who didn't felt like they belonged. They are also trained in one of the ways off fighting styles.

The leader

The leader of the Disgraced, the Nameless face how is he or she, is called. Is currently a man, Wú Míng is his normal name. He is a master in The way of the Tiger.

The rest of guild structure

There is of course the Nameless face, but under him there are two masters. The master of the moon and the master of the sun. The rest off the guild will speak to them first and they speak to the Nameless face.


The coin has two sides.

Guild, Assassins
Alternative Names
Silver moons


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