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The difference between Sacred animals and Dragons

Sacred animals are believed to protect humans, dragons are protectors of water. That is why every water pump is in the shape of a dragon, this is done to show respect to the wise dragons.




Dragons are giant serpents with two legs. On their feet, they have three claws with sharp nails. They have a large fin on their back that starts on their head and goes all the way back to the tail. The head of the dragon looks a lot like the head of a wolf. On the side of their mouths there are long whiskers, these they need while they are swimming through the water, so they don't smash in underwater rocks.


All dragons have green-blue scales, so they are almost invisible while they are underwater. Dragons can change the color of their scales when they are outside the water. This only rarely happens. The Dragons can choice the color outside the water. Mostly it's green, red, golden, white and soft pink.

Gender difference

Dragons are multi gender, this means that they are both female and male.



Dragons are seen as one off the smartest species in Kimocana. They are also very wise. Some people even suggesting that the dragons see the future. Like in the famous story Legende of the dragon, this is however the only example that a dragon predicted the future.



Dragons are living in bodies of salt or sweet water, and they protect the flora and fauna in and around it. That is why they are seen as guardians of water.

Outside water

Dragons can leave the water, they don't walk over land. They fly, which looks a lot like swimming in the air. The dragon only leaves their territory when this is in danger or to mate. While outside the water, the dragon changes the color of their scales.


In Shuidi, which is a fishermen village, they respect the big lake and the dragon that lives in the lake by offering one fish of the catch of the day to the dragon. This is done by the head of the Shuǐlóng Familie, to show the dragon their fullest respect.



Dragons are eating fish, small land animals and water birds.


Social Structure

There is always one dragon living in a lake. If the lake connects with a river, then there is an overlap in territories. They don't fight over it, they discuss it and respect another territory. Often when it is time to mate, the two dragons come together near the borders of their territories. Or when it is a non-connecting body of water, the dragon travels in the air to find a mate.


Because all dragons are multi gender, every dragon can get pregnant. But before they mate, they discuss which of them becomes the mother of a young dragon. This is mostly the older dragon, because when a dragon gives birth to a young, the mother will die one year after. Then the young takes over the mothers' territory.


Dragons are living with humans, and animals that live near, or in the water.
Dragon Lilies
Dragon lilies are growing on sweet water lakes and rivers were dragons live. This is, for humans, a sign to be respectful towards the waters and the animals around it.

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