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Dragon Lily



The Dragon Lily is a water plant that grows on big lakes of sweet water. The plant has its roots in the muddy soil of the lake and big vines that lead to the surface. On the big vines grows big round leaves, or bright pink flowers.


The Flowers

The flowers are bright pink and glow when it is dark. To attract small insects, to drink it's sweet nectar. Only when an insect lands on it, the flower closes and the animal will be consumed.

Reason for the name

It is believed that the lakes in Kimocana are protected by water Dragons.
deviantart   The Sacred Animals are protectors of humans. Dragons are the protectors of water, that is why all the water pomp in Kimocana are in the shape of a Dragon. It is believed that Dragons are living in the big lakes were the dragon lily grows.

Scientific Name
Doragony lylium
Geographic Distribution


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