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Ačkan Ritual Site

The Ačkan Ritual Site is all that remains of an ancient building in the Katzan Cape. It’s believed to have been a place where powerful magic was practiced. Mages who enter the area instantly feel rejuvenated, and find their power easier to access. Once a year, Katzans who have come of age will journey to the ruins for the Rite of Youth. It is also the location of the Festival of Wreaths.   It’s said that the potency of mojy at the site also increases the effects of healing. The sick and wounded will occasionally be brought there in a final attempt to save their lives. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The rumors have spread outside of the Katzan Cape, and people from elsewhere in Kima have started to attempt the trip there as well. Katzans are notoriously territorial and rarely let outsiders in anyway, much less to potentially desecrate one of their sacred ritual sites. That hasn’t stopped the desperate from attempting to sneak in, with varying degrees of success.   As with many of the remaining Ačkan ruins across the continent, records and documents left behind by the Ancients give historians a look into what their lives were like. The Katzan Cape didn’t appear to be as settled as the rest of the continent, probably because of the Širik Mountains. The ritual site is the only known Ačkan settlement in the region –– at least, the only one that survived the war with the dragons. However, it’s much better-preserved than any of the other ruins, bearing no scorch marks nor signs of destruction. In fact, it would seem that it fell into ruin after the extinction of the Ačkan people, due to lack of use and upkeep after the few who lived their passed away. Because of this, the ritual site has the most intact records of Ačkan life, culture, and knowledge. This is likely why the people of the Katzan Cape adhere the most to translated versions of Ačkan beliefs. In fact, the Rite of Youth and Festival of Wreaths are both interpretations of known Ačkan rituals.
The Collapse
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