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The Long Line

“Jilly, if you can hear me, get out of here!” Marculius yelled. “Get to the next safehouse, Jilly! Get to the next safehouse!”


All ethnicities... part of the Abolitionist movement


The Long Line is run by the Abolitionist movement and is, as such, an illicit element. Each safehouse is an individual unit run by either one or two managers who answer to the current Commander of Fugitives, informally known as the CF.


The most vulnerable safehouses in the Long Line receive a second Manager. Each Manager is well-trained in combat. The best safehouses are also equipped with traps, fail-safes, and usually a secret passage to a temporary sanctuary on the same property.


Money is secretly funneled to the safehouses via bankers and economists who have joined the Abolitionist movement. It is the task of these people to discreetly collect donations, organize hits on enemy targets of financial value, and transport the funds to the Managers, who usually live outside of the empire's regulation.


The Long Line is made up of 13 safehouses built at intervals of approximately one hundred to one hundred fifty miles. Each one is marked, but none have the same signal. To correctly identify the next safehouse, the fugitive must have received the signal from the Manager of the previous house.


Each safehouse has the basic necessities, but they range vastly in comfort. A hut on the plains contrasts sharply with its sister, a city mansion, located 300 miles to the north.

Guilds and Factions

The only two factions are those of the Managers and the fugitives. The fugitives move along, and the Managers remain.


The Long Line was established by the founders of the Abolitionist movement. The chain of safehouses was built over a period of four years, so as not to attract attention.


The architecture of the safehouses vary greatly; uniformity would attract attention. They blend in with their surroundings, from a log cabin in the Deep Woods to an opulent townhouse in one of the larger cities.

Outpost / Base
Approximately 20 facilitators at all times
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization

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