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Altrea dimension

While choosing the sleep option I can't stop thinking... Who decided that this is reality and not Altrea? They both feel so real, I can barely differentiate my feelings and senses between the both of them. Everything goes black when i select the sleep option, but only for a second or two, time is hard to tell in the charging screen. A world seems to be constructed in front of me; the earth starts expanding from the point where I stand, trees grow in seconds, the skeleton of a house appear and almost instantly after that, all the walls and furniture appear, everything goes black again when everything looks as I remember. When I open my eyes I am home, the exact house where I live in "reality" just in a different dimension and where the only change is my body. It’s funnier to have a tail and some wings.

Altrea dimension is a dimension discovered by humans, accessible by entering in a special kind of sleep that has can only be entered through artificial methods or drugs. The dimension is different depending on the method used, and different ways to enter have different effects on the dimension.
Alternative Name(s)
Game's dimension
Alternative reality
Dimensional plane
Item | Dec 18, 2020

When in an alternative dimension, one needs an exit and a menu, like a game, right?

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This dimension is hard to reach and it was practically discovered by accident while experimenting with a drug for other purposes. At this time, there are three known entrances: one that is natural and two technological (the differences between the two will be explained a bit later):
  • Remclone was the first entrance to the Altrea dimension discovered. While it was being tested on humans, the test subjects had similar yet different dreams that called the attention of the scientists. After a lot of testing, scientists concluded that the drug was taking the consciousness of the testing subject. This is what it is called "the natural entrance" and while it was the only entrance for a long time while scientists studied this dimension, the secondary effects of the drug were too many and the production of the drug was not cheap for it to be a concurred and common entrance.
  • S.L.A.R. is a VR helmet that has two modes: sleep, and walk (they are selected while the S.L.A.R. system is booting). This special "VR helmet" was specifically created to "teleport" the user consciousness to the Altrea dimension; its the lastest invention to go to the Altrea dimension and the most affordable of all.
    • Sleep: the user must sit or lay down before using the sleep mode as this mode sends the consciousness of the user by inducing a sleep state with a wave to the brain while the technology of the helmet directs the consciousness of the user to the Altrea dimension rather than to real sleep. The user feels like it is a dream (sometimes they feel a bit dizzy) and their movements are not restricted.
    • Walk: to use the walk mode, the user must have special equipment (that is not too expensive and can come with the S.L.A.R. in some bundles or offers) called "A.R. Skeleton". The A.R. Skeleton is a structure that holds the user in one place while letting them walk and interact freely in the Altrea dimension. Only a part of the user's consciousness is sent to the Alternative Reality, and the S.L.A.R. makes a connection between the body and this part of it and the S.L.A.R. makes a connection between the body and that part. The user feels like they are physically in the Altrea, but their body gets exhausted from this as the user's brain makes the body and the consciousness do the actions. While this mode is way more exciting to use (as the brain releases more adrenaline than with the sleep mode or the drug), it is a bit more dangerous to use for long periods as the user may go unconscious of exhaustion by not realizing how exhausted are they until its too late (as adrenaline helps the body ignore the exhaustion).
  • Psychic hibernation: its the first technology created to send a consciousness to the Altrea and has evolved a lot since the first version. This machine induces the user to a deep sleep while surrounding them with a semi-liquid that takes care of their body (it makes sure the muscles are relaxed, and blood flows correctly, it gives the blood the oxygen necessary, and the nutrients necessary for the body to function correctly, etc) which seems to improve the user experience in the Altrea. This is the most expensive entrance, but its the one that allows the user to be more time in-game and the one that makes the Alternative Reality more real, almost impossible to differentiate it from reality.


The internet... An immense source of knowledge, a great tool to connect people that are far away, and other things. Wouldn't be great to have that tool in this other dimension? What if we could connect the internet and that dimension?! So the things in the other dimension can be accessed virtually! I'M A GENIUS!
— ????
The internet has been implemented in the technological part of the Altrea dimension. Libraries there have their pocket dimensions (explained later in the article) connected to internet and books there are websites from the internet (and for people that do not like the books too much, there are also computers where one can surf the web like they were in reality in the pocket dimensions acting like zoos, there are virtually created animals from the images of the internet (revised by experts so there are no inaccuracies) and have screens in front the habitat where there is all the information one could ask for and more; museum pocket dimensions have 3D virtual items and art, all of them with more screens with all the information; etc.
Each pocket dimension is connected to the internet one way or another, and this makes it easy to connect the Altrea to the computers from reality. These computer connections create virtual avatars (called ghosts) that looks like ghosts, like a more transparent version of the user's avatar, but this allows people to visit pocket dimensions without being in Altrea all the time and also play the games from Altrea however it is harder to play games as a ghost as all the games have been designed for fully functional avatars and not avatars that depend on a keyboard and a mouse.

Pocket dimensions

Altrea dimensions do not spawn like the material universe as big area with places to go to, but instead by creating little "zones" called the "pocket dimensions". Without the help of additional technology, these zones would be isolated from each other, and users would only be able to access their own pocket dimension, called The Hall.

Natural entrance vs technological entrance

Entering through a natural entrance or a technological one effects a lot on what one can see or find in the Altrea dimension; if one enters through the Remclone, the user will only be able to access their pocket dimension (called hall) and can alter everything at their will like it was a dream but they cannot contact other halls or rooms; if one uses a technological entrance, they still have their pocket dimension to alter at will, but technology adds "paths" to other pockets dimensions that the user cannot alter unless permitted by the owner of the other pocket dimensions. Technology not only adds that, but it also adds pocket dimension created with digital technology that only alters at the will of the program used to create it. These pocket dimensions are usually created for games (usually games have several pocket dimensions interconnected), libraries, museums, etc.

Hall, hallways and rooms


The hall is the user's pocket dimension. It is under the user's will and can be whatever the user wants it to be, there are no rules unless the user decides them to be (that also means physics laws). Most of the halls' styles are home-like or menu-like:
  • Home-like: they are houses, rooms or apartments decorated as the user likes. Many times, these halls include have animals as pets and pools or water bodies, and more rarely one can see farms or barns.
  • Menu-like: they are usually small (but most of the time comfortables) rooms with a big screen in one of the walls. This screen is a teleport control panel, where the user chooses a room to teleport to, like a game room or another user's hall (the teleport can only happen if the other user gave permission).


Hallways are the connection between the pocket dimensions. They can be from tunnels to trains, or simply a teleport-like spell, etc. How a user moves around the pocket dimensions is up to them, they only need to select a pocket dimension they wish to teleport to and then they can go there by the methods they want to, Altrea and technology will work together to ensure the user arrives the destination.


Rooms are pocket dimension created with the help of technology. They only change if the program that created them tells so. These rooms are used to create games (and servers inside of games), public spaces where people can meet, libraries, museums, zoos, etc. They are the most used thing in Altrea, mostly because of the games, and everyone with a bit of knowledge in programming can create a room by writing the program and then uploading it to the Alternative reality through internet or S.L.A.R.


Differents parts of Altrea have different levels of personalization, and personalization is usually divided into two types: environment and avatar.
  • Environment: this personalization is limited to users' halls (only the owner of the hall can modify them unless they give permission to other users; the user with permission might find some limitations depending on the owner's wishes) and the hallways they may use. It involves halls and hallways appeareance, and there is usually no limits except in hallways, whose general aspect can be edited as long as it makes sense as a passageway from a place to another.
  • Avatar: Avatar's personalization is pretty limited (except in halls, which, unless the owner put some rules, they are limitless). Both in hallways and rooms, the avatar must have a humanoid form, in hallways, It only matters that the form is humanoid than to have a humanoid form, but in rooms, there are various rules. The number of rules depends on the room the user is on, and they may change from one rule to others (entering a room for the first time will trigger a "pop-up" message in the P.A.M., explaining the rules in that room (and in their adjacent rooms). This are the basics rules for avatars:
    • Must have a humanoid form.
    • Missing limbs are accepted but unless they have some prothesis, they are useless (just like in real life). There must be at least one arm and if the avatar is missing both legs and do not have prothesis, they are given a wheelchair (the user is free to personalize only its aesthetics) and they will have the disadvantages of having missing limbs and/or a wheelchair.
    • Extra limbs (arms, tails, wings, and legs) are accepted as aesthetic, but they have no utility. This rule may have certain changes in rooms where flying is enabled or tails and extra arms are allowed.

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14 Dec, 2020 01:31

Great article Cato!   I loved the quote at the start, it is amazing, at it puts a different light on the rest of it. The amount of detail on the inner workings of this system is also amazing, and the way it's different depending on the method used for accessing it is very interesting.   I hope to read more about this!

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Thank you! Glad you liked it! I think next article for WE will also be for Khulgran :3

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Cato, felicitaciones por el diseño de este artículo. Acompaña muy bien el texto. ¡Quiero leer más sobre este mundo, es fascinante!

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