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Zircon the Terror

Written by Alpacalama

Zircon The Terror Zircon-5 (a.k.a. Z)

ZIrcona-5, or Zircon as she prefers, is the former leader of Enforcer Hub 45 stationed on Khronus and current First Mate on the Hope Centura, a repurposed freighter ship. She proves to be the voice of reason amongst the crew, alongside Matthew Ormstunga. Skilled in many methods of combat and trained to be an assassin, Zircon has proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Her iron rule over the crime in Penduliar and harsh punishments has earned her the moniker, 'Zircon The Terror'. Although she no longer works for the Enforcers, she still inspires terror into her enemies. She has killed many to keep information in the right (or wrong) hands, but she has yet to kill anyone for finding out that she has a soft spot for the pet on the Hope Centura.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

FITNESS: Very fit, advanced agility, superior strength, and durability to most humanoid species BODY SHAPE: Toned, muscular AIDS: Cybernetic enhancements in both wrists; in-flesh knife holsters ABNORMALITIES: Dark maroon skin with birthmarks on forehead ILLNESSES: N/A AFFLICTIONS: N/A

Body Features

Dark maroon skin with raised lines running down her limbs. Triangular/geometric birthmark on forehead

Facial Features

Narrow facial structure, thick eyebrows, full lips, intense eyes.

Identifying Characteristics

Triangular geometric birthmark on her forehead.

Physical quirks

Right hand dominant.

Special abilities

Enhanced durability, speed, strength, eyesight, intelligence. This may be argued that they aren't abilities because the Andromedans have proved on multiple occasions to be a superior humanoid species,

Apparel & Accessories

Practical clothing, wardrobe consists of standard issued Enforcer uniform, a standard issued Hope Centura (CargoCrafter ship) uniform, ceremonial robes, and her signature kevlar suit.

Specialized Equipment

Built-in comm, in-skin knives (wrists), metal plating covering the ​brain.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Zircon was born into the high social class of the Andromedan cities. Zircon and her near identical sister, Citrine, grew up very close. Throughout the sisters years at the Academy, Citrine showed an interest in piloting while Zircon showed interest in being an Enforcer. Despite their differences, the two sisters stayed close through out all of their Academy years. During the Rebellion (see Andromedan Uprising), Citrine and Zircon both sided against Viviana, earning themselves the title the Wonder Twins; Citrine being the most reliable pilot, and Zircon being the best tactician and foot soldier. Inevitably, Citrine was declared KIA by Viviana herself, directly after fighting with Zircon. Shortly after this, Zircon fled the planet, heading straight to Khronus (see Zircons Arrival).


Zircon had received the highest form of education available to her, excelling in her home worlds academy, and going above and beyond expectations at the Academy for Enforcing where she trained to join the Enforcer Force.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Zircon has successfully assassinated a large number of individuals, amongst these include; Queen Viviana, Master Chi, and Citrine-5. She is also the youngest General (former) of the Enforcers since the Collusi Centuries.

Failures & Embarrassments

Zircon considers it a personal failure that she let herself be falsely arrested and imprisoned for four decacyles (years). In her absence, the crime in Penduliar flourished, another cause of her internal shame.

Mental Trauma

The only triggering experience Zircon can remember is the verbal fight that transpired between her and her sister before she was declared KIA.

Intellectual Characteristics

Zircon is gifted in her ability to cut herself off from her emotions. This ability only showed itself after the declaration of the death of her sister. Whether this ability is the cause of her trauma or not is up to debate.

Morality & Philosophy

In her early years as a rebel, Zircon pledged to be just and always show mercy. She and her sister vowed to be what Queen Viviana could never be. Zircon has long since ignored her pledge, doing unspeakable things to further her goal, assassinating the Queen.

Personality Characteristics


Zircon has dedicated her life to assassinating Queen Viviana.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Zircon has yet to prove inept in any area.

Likes & Dislikes

Zircon likes weapons and dislikes politicians.

Virtues & Personality perks

Easily angered.

Personality Quirks

Her birthmarks tend to illuminate when she is feeling extremely emotional.


Extremely sanitary.


Contacts & Relations

Although she may not outwardly show it, Zircon considers Vir Kaaziel one of her closest companions. She often finds (platonic) comfort in Matthew Ormstunaga, her former prison mate, ​and current friend. She may appear cold towards KM-11 (Kiki), a member of the Hope Centura crew who happens to be a droid, but she has earned her respect. She is attached to her sister, Citrine, but the feeling is not mutual.

Family Ties

Her only living relative is Citrine-5, who has distanced herself from Zircon.

Religious Views

Zircon does not believe in any deity​ or religious figure.

Social Aptitude

Zircon is extremely confident and is able to sway a crowd to her side in only a few words. She keeps a tight grip on her anger, but once that grip slips she becomes overcome with rage and ceases to make rational decisions​.

Hobbies & Pets

Zircon considers herself above needing a hobby and shares responsibility for Dewie, the slinker that lives on the Hope Centura.


Zircon has a very deep voice with a scratch from yelling. She has an Andromedan accent, avoiding emphasis on her 'h'. When visiting MW-4 (Earth), the native species compared it to a butchered 'British Accent'. She often incorporates insults into her speech patterns, always going after the intelligence of whoever she's talking to unless she knows that going after another factor will hurt them more. Zircon avoids metaphors and speaking in cryptics, preferring to say what needs to be said outright.

Wealth & Financial state

CLASS: High social standing within the Andromedan culture DEPENDENCIES: N/A DEBTS: Indebted to Matthew Ormstunga for saving her life and offering asylum within D3-TH FUNDS: N/A DISPOSABLE INCOME: N/A ASSETS ETC.: N/A

Divine Classification
Enhanced Humanoid
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Zircon The Terror, Wonder Twin One, Lord Zircona of the Astute
Year of Birth
26 N/A 379 Years old
Andromedan Hub, Sector 5
Current Residence
Asteroid belt Delta-035
Biological Sex
Zircon was raised surrounded by female identifying individuals, therefore she grew up with no male influence. She is not prejudiced to same-sex relationships or genderfluidity. Zircon avoids romantic relationships as a default but is open to any race or gender identifying person courting her; although reciprocating the courting is slim.
Gender Identity
She identifies as female.
Dark blue, narrow, almond shaped
Short, shaved on sides, black
6' 3''
174 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"You great buffoon!"
Known Languages
Zircon has been able to speak fluidly in any language presented to her.
Character Prototype
Zoe Saldana

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